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There are numerous educational books that come with wonderful illustrations and lessons on topics such as recycling and protecting endangered animals, as well as daily tips on how to reduce waste, the power of community and more. After all, our...
Eco-anxiety or anxiety surrounding issues of climate change has been on the rise. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), even though it’s not technically a clinical diagnosis, eco-anxiety is a real experience and can be exacerbated in those...
According to the Heart & Stroke Foundation, up to 80 percent of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented by following healthy life habits. These life habits can include eating a vegan diet, which is not only beneficial to...
Traditional techniques of dealing with bodies, such as conventional burying or cremation, are taxing on the environment. Cremation burns fossil fuels and emits carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming. Conventional burying consumes the land and uses caskets, headstones and grave...
If you’re a big seafood person and eat scallops, these are obviously not going to be exactly like the real deal, but you can enjoy them for what they are—delicious mushroom morsels! They're great in a variety of pasta dishes,
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