If you are passionate about shopping sustainably, Vancouver, B.C. has plenty of local spots to choose from

Looking for your next favourite eco-friendly outfit? Serenity West has you covered. This charming boutique was founded by mother-daughter duo Sandra McIntyre and Acacia Cresswell (pictured above) and commits to using natural fibres when creating their collections.

Serenity West chooses fabrics based on ‘how they are made, where they are made, and most importantly, their impact on the environment’. Linen is the primary material, as it has a light environmental footprint. It’s actually created from the flax plant, which is not only a beautiful flower, but also requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers than other plants.

It goes through a careful process to be woven together into what we recognize as linen. The whole flax plant is utilized when harvested for a variety of purposes, and the fibres are recyclable and biodegradable, too.

“Once our linen pieces are created, they will last more than a lifetime, and when a piece does reach the end of its life, it can return to the Earth rather than end up in a landfill,” says the duo.Serenity West clothingSerenity WestSerenity West also buys leftover fabric from other, large brands’ production, so those pieces aren’t wasted.

“We design pieces that are meant to transcend seasons and can be worn for a lifetime. Our designs come to fruition with the help of two local factories: Precision Design Group and Studio 310 Design Lab Inc.”

Serenity West’s collections are comprised of small-batch, quality pieces to prevent wasting materials or resources. They also use up as much of the fabric scraps from production as possible, cleverly turning them into scrunchies, masks and reusable wine bags.

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking for a charming accessory or the perfect seasonal staple, don’t forget to visit Serenity West.