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Environment911 originally launched by the Liski family as a website dedicated to reporting environmental issues caused by consumer consumption and the depletion of non-renewable resources. The focus was to inform, while encouraging readers to adopt a carbon-neutral lifestyle and a position of advocacy.

Today, it's much more—examining topics ranging from low- and zero-waste household living, to sustainable cooking, to intersectional environmentalism and more—Environment911 is a one-stop content source for people interested in living their most sustainable lives.


The new direction of Environment911 will inspire people to make achievable change. We will share the stories of people on their own environmental journeys; we will shine a light on planet-positive businesses, initiatives, advocacy bodies, products and organizations; we will present information readers can use to inform purchase decisions that minimize environmental impact.

We will do this through the articles we publish on Environment911.org, in a tri-weekly e-newsletter called Tru Change, and through the Tru Earth brand of eco-conscious products.    

But What Is Tru Earth?

How Tru Earth Got Started:

Tru Earth About Us

When Ryan and his wife Kathleen were expecting their third child, Ryan would wake up, pour his 4 year old son,and 3 year old daughter a glass of milk, and watch YouTube kids videos with them.

As most kids do, they LOVED watching shows about toys.

Ryan loved his morning routine with the kids, but he got upset by the crazy amounts of plastic waste in the shows they watched. 

In one popular toy show, it almost seemed the family was promoting this waste. A kid would open a treasure chest made of plastic, wrapped in plastic, with an egg carton of plastic sitting on top. Underneath the toy was more plastic, with 20 little parts wrapped in plastic.

“This is insane!” Ryan thought.

Ryan wasn’t a hardcore environmentalist by any stretch, but he cared about the world and his kids’ futures. 

He thought “there’s got to be something we can do! This plastic is just about convenience, but what if there’s a way to make sustainable packaging convenient?”

 Ryan called up his good friend Brad, a serial entrepreneur. Recently Brad told him about an extended-family member with a patent on laundry detergent that was supposed to be eco-friendly, but Brad didn’t really “get it.”

“If it’s so eco-friendly, how the heck does it get my clothes clean?”

Brad had grown up in an eco-conscious household, but couldn’t understand how an entire jug of laundry detergent fit in packaging the size of an iPhone. 

But when Ryan called him up he decided to actually TRY the product for himself instead of dismissing it. Brad, Ryan, and Ryan’s childhood friend Kevin each tried the laundry strips. 

All three of them concluded the same thing. This stuff actually works! 

That’s when we decided to become a team, but first we wanted to test our idea to see if anyone else loved the laundry strips as much as we did. 

Kevin set up a small webpage, Ryan wrote about his experience with the product on that page, and we put it out to market. 

We determined that 150 subscription orders in the first 30 days would be enough to take this seriously and invest our resources into growing a company.

At the end of 30 days we had 1,500 new subscribers.

It became clear that just like each of us, many people want to make better consumer choices to help the environment, but simply don’t know how to. 

Many also feel skeptical about environmental products, but would buy them if they actually work. 

Because of these two desires from the people, our company was born. Within 12 months we serve 60,000 people in 40 countries... and the planet!


Our Values

Simplicity. We believe little hinges swing big doors and small actions add up to big changes. We’re not perfect and we’re not asking anyone else to be. 

Empowered: We all have the power to choose. We create products that empower people to choose sustainability, without compromising convenience.

Integrity: As our company grows we will keep the close sense of family that we started with. 

We will never compromise our values or cut corners to reduce costs. We will not shortchange the environment to make a profit. We will be transparent about production and ingredients. 

We will never shame anyone or make people feel bad about their choices, we will simply work to provide eco-friendly products that work.

Together, Environment911, Tru Change and Tru Earth form the ecosystem of the #TruEarthMovement.

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For questions, feedback, pitches and collaborations: 
Janine Verreault, Sustainability Editor

Tru Earth  

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Mckenna Liski  | Co-Founder

mckennaliski2I am an intersectional environmentalist and as such, my work and study is for the planet and all of the people on it. This is an active “title” that requires consistent learning, listening and amplifying of all people’s voices. This coincides with growing my understanding of power dynamics and systemic injustices whilst working to dismantle them.

I currently study environmental geography, both formally and informally, which combines environmental sciences and societal factors, such as injustices and politics.

This passion for the planet and all of the people on it began at a young age, leading to the co-founding of Environment911.



Morgan Liski | Co-Founder

morgan liskiI am an outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s camping, biking, snowboarding or just relaxing—I love to spend my time in nature.

I have grown up right beside a beautiful forest in British Columbia. The happiness and serenity nature has given me has also required me to be a part of creating a world that respects and protects what we have.

At a young age, my sister and I co-founded Environment911 to inspire others to join in the mission for a more environmentally smart world.