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I am the Online Editor-in-Chief for My Passion Media. I am a dad, an entrepreneur and a lover of all things outdoors. I am passionate about getting out of my comfort zone and enjoying everything nature has to offer with both my friends and family.

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A SLAPP In The Face - What Are The Implications Of SLAPP Lawsuits On The Environment?
Oct 9, 2013
Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation – or SLAPPS – are a series of legal actions that wealthy corporations sometimes use to attempt to the limit freedom of expression and public protests. Corporations can use these lawsuits, which are usually for defamation,
Green Living
Waste Watch - Five Easy Ways To Save Food
Oct 7, 2013
A recent report by the United Nations has shockingly revealed that one third of the world's food goes to waste annually. This comes at both a huge economic and environmental cost, and is not only a worldwide concern – but...
At Home
On Your Bike - Six Tell Tale Signs That A Hotel Wants To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint
Oct 3, 2013
The Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel is not just one of the trendiest hotels in Vancouver – it is also now known for Marc Henley, Vancouver's first ‘Bike Butler’.
Green Business
Calling Planet Earth - How Environmentally Smart Is Your Smartphone?
Oct 1, 2013
The new iPhones, the 5C and 5S, are undoubtedly the hottest gadgets on the market at the moment. But were environmental concerns at the top of Apple’s agenda when they developed these hot new handsets? After all, the company has...
Social Issues
Leave The Gas Pump Behind - Your Orlando Vacation Just Got Greener
Sep 27, 2013
Environmentally-conscious travellers don’t have to feel quite so guilty about visiting the Magic Kingdom anymore.
Transportation Technology
Bears And Boats - Five Ways To Take An Eco-Vacation In BC
Sep 25, 2013
Eco-vacations are all about protecting the natural and cultural environment of the places you visit, such as conserving the plants and wildlife, as well as contributing positively to the communities in the area.
Green Living
Autumnal Bounty - Nature's Art Class
Sep 23, 2013
As vibrant summer greens give way to autumn, the world is brimming over with the season's beautiful, rich earth tones.
At Home
Green Wheels - Three Luxurious Cars You Would Never Guess Are Hybrids
Sep 17, 2013
There are a lot of reasons to choose from the pool of ever-growing hybrid cars. The primary reason people choose hybrids is because they get excellent gas mileage in an age where gassing-up is a bank breaking affair.
Transportation Technology
Farewell Summer Farmers' Markets
Sep 17, 2013
As the warm summer weather gives way to fall, this also means that an even sadder event is about to occur… The local farmers at the wonderful urban farmers’ markets are packing up their wares and leaving the city until...
Green Living
Rock On - People-Powered Technology
Sep 13, 2013
Back in the day, you could impress your friends by having a handcrafted beautifully lacquered oak rocking chair. However, times are changing, and now folks are more impressed with technical gadgets than handcrafted goods.
Innovation & Concepts
Eco Asia Expo - Hong Kong To Be Enviro HQ This Fall
Sep 11, 2013
Asia’s largest annual environmental trade fair, the Eco Asia Expo, is set to showcase key environmental issues in Hong Kong from October 28th to 31st.
Green Business
Green Getaways - Five Utah Eco-Vacations
Sep 9, 2013
There is no shortage of nature in Utah. The state offers travellers a unique blend of golden desert sand and striking green vegetation. However, due to the fact that Utah rich in minerals and natural gas, the U.S. Government has...
Green Living
Effects of Water Shortages
Jan 11, 2012
It is the most abundant resource on planet Earth. Even so, the human race deals with the effects of water shortages everyday. While rarely a problem to obtain in the industrialized world, nearly 1 billion people living in developing countries...
Our Environment
Causes of Water Shortages
Jan 9, 2012
Reports of drought have increased world-wide, but beyond the obvious, a lack of rain, few people are aware of how different factors cause water shortages. However, local rainfall is rarely the real reason behind a sudden lack of water available...
Our Environment
Who is David Suzuki?
Oct 17, 2011
David Suzuki, a highly recognized international leader in sustainable ecology, was born in 1936 as a third generation Japanese-American in Canada.
Social Issues
10 Eco-Halloween Ideas
Oct 12, 2011
Halloween is one of the most exciting times of year. With parties, decorations, costumes, and more candy than you can shake a zombie at, there is a lot to take into account when trying to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle. Many...
Green Living
10 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas
Oct 7, 2011
Modern gift giving is a prime source of endless clutter and consumer waste, yet how else are friends and loved ones supposed to show someone that they care? Holidays, birthdays and thank yous are made so much more memorable with...
Green Living
The Climate Reality Project
Sep 19, 2011
The Climate Reality Project is a grass-roots initiative dedicated to improving understanding and stopping global climate change by documenting its impacts on local communities throughout the world
Social Issues
Examples of Successful Sustainable Living Communties
Sep 6, 2011
When most people think of a sustainable living community, a vision of a commune-like farm lacking modern plumbing and basic comforts usually comes to mind. While this may have been the case in the past, modern sustainable living communities are...
Green Living
Living Roof Construction Tips
Aug 25, 2011
Are you looking for a way to help the environment in your area besides recycling? Do you live in a city or other suburban area that has little greenery? Then perhaps you should think about getting a living roof. A...
Green Living
The Top 10 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle
Jul 20, 2011
10. Computers.Computers use up a lot of resources. Their chips...
Green Living
Dog Poo Power
Jul 14, 2011
I know, I know... it sounds like a bad joke. The digested waste of canines (or "dog poop," as I will refer to it henceforth) is generally perceived as nothing more than a nuisance. Those of us who own dogs...
Green Living
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