Fabulous diamond waffle knit cap by Erdaine, $52.
Credit: Not Just Pretty

Not Just Pretty is a Manhattan-style boutique in one of Canada's most fashionable and environmentally conscious cities: Victoria, BC.

For the eco-conscious fashionista, Not Just Pretty offers all the in-season styles made from 100 per cent organic materials. It offers a wide variety of styles for each fashion season, designed by some of the most prominent international designers – all of which are made from sustainable and recycled materials that do not conform to the typical eco-friendly clothing norms of being scratchy, saggy or ugly.

Long knit lightweight vest by Erdaine, $120.
Credit: Not Just Pretty

And there’s more than organic clothing on offer. The company also offers wholly organic skincare and hair care products made from all-natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals, as well as a variety of handmade jewellery and accessories made from recycled precious metals and other materials.

Some of the hottest items for this fall include several Canada native fashion companies like Erdaine, a Vancouver-based company that prides itself on creating chic and comfortable day-to-day fashion wear for the eco-conscious. Another great in-store fashion forerunner is Dagg and Stacey. The fall line boasts a subtle balance of craftsmanship and effortless style that makes the Dagg and Stacey organic line so unique.