Cross-Border Rally to Unite North Americans Demanding Climate Action
Sep 18, 2014
This Saturday, environmentalists, First Nations representatives and community members from British Columbia and Washington will come together at the Peace Arch border crossing on unceded Coast Salish territory, to take part in a groundbreaking international rally to demand climate action...
Green Living
Tank Watch: New Mobile App Offers Hope for Coral Reefs and Marine Wildlife
Sep 15, 2014
Reef conservationists and photographers have joined animal protection groups for the launch of a new, first of its kind, mobile app, Tank Watch, with the goal of saving fragile reefs and marine wildlife captured for household and small display aquariums...
Green Living
Mexico: Exceptional Eco Resorts
Sep 15, 2014
More and more travellers choose to spend their money as responsibly as they can in eco-friendly areas. Mexico has many great resorts that support ecologically sustainable practices and still dish up all the fun you are looking for on your holiday. Hacienda...
Green Living
Can PepsiCo Help Water Conservation Efforts in Arizona?
Sep 11, 2014
Arizona’s Salt and Verde Rivers, which are the primary renewable water supply for two million people in Phoenix, are to benefit from a new partnership between PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy. As part of the ‘Recycle for Nature’ partnership, PepsiCo and...
Our Environment
Conservation Organizations Launch Lawsuit to Halt Wildlife Killing by “Secretive Federal Agency” in Idaho
Sep 9, 2014
Four conservation organizations have filed a notice of intent this week to sue the US Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services program over its allegedly large-scale – and “often secretive” – killing of wild animals in Idaho. The Center for Biological Diversity...
Call To Action For Sea Shepherd Supporters
Sep 5, 2014
33 pilot whales were slaughtered on the shores of Sandoy, Faroe Islands on Saturday. 14 brave Sea Shepherd volunteers, trying to save those whales' lives, ended up in handcuffs — facing charges, fines and possible deportation. Now, it's your turn to get...
UK: Are Current Farming Methods Risking Boom or Bust with Food Supplies?
Sep 3, 2014
The push for more intensive agriculture to feed a growing global population risks ecological “boom and bust” according to four of the UK's leading ecologists, writing for Friends of the Earth’s Big Ideas Change the World project In a damning critique,
Social Issues
Side by Side: Human Chain Against Coal Spans Germay-Poland Border
Sep 1, 2014
Over 7500 people from almost 30 countries stood hand in hand this week, demonstrating against what would be Europe’s biggest brown coal open-pit mine. They formed a cross-border Human Chain, spanning eight kilometres between the communities of Kerkwitz in Germany and...
Social Issues
India: Shackled in Chains, Mary Kom Says Elephants Belong in the Wild
Aug 29, 2014
Glaring into the camera with fierce determination, covered with scars and struggling to break her chains, Olympic medallist and five-time undisputed World Amateur Boxing champion Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom is featured in a striking new ad from People for the...
Social Issues
New York City: Will This Be the Largest March on Climate Change History?
Aug 26, 2014
With less than one month to go until the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21, more than 100 organizations are taking part in an online recruitment drive to sign people up for the demonstration. The People’s Climate...
Eco Escapes: Ecuador’s Eco Lodges
Aug 22, 2014
Stretching from the eastern flank of the Andes to the borders of Colombia and Peru, Ecuador’s Amazon is one of the most biologically diverse areas on earth.Complementing Ecuador’s natural surroundings are a variety of award-winning eco lodges and spas for...
Green Living
New Lifestyle Centre Eliminates Need for Cars
Aug 21, 2014
International architecture firm 5+design has announced plans for Diamond Hill, a highly cultivated mixed-use project located in Shenyang, China, whose residential, office and retail spaces will be built atop a fully integrated transportation hub. The hub will connect Shenyang’s regional mass transit...
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