EPA Proposes the Largest Clean Up in the Organization's History The Environmental Protection Agency has a new plan that will protect people's health, the environment and benefit riverfront communities. The new plan proposed by the... More >>
“Renewable Energy Is Unstoppable” Greenpeace Germany activists demonstrated at Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate yesterday in a bit to urge governments and businesses to deliver “Power to the People –... More >>
Is Procter & Gamble Cleaning Up Its Act? You may breathe a small sigh of relief for the rainforest. Following enormous public pressure, Procter and Gamble (P&G) has finally committed to a new ‘No... More >>
H&M and Zara Clothing Producers Looking to Cut Rainforest Destruction Out of Clothing Production H&M and Zara are two of the largest clothing companies in the world. While many advocates of the rainforest have previously focused on limiting the... More >>
Is Your Fish Breaking The Law? More than 20 per cent of wild-caught seafood imported into the US – a haul with a price tag of at least $1.3 billion –... More >>
Desert Absorption Helping to Decrease CO2 Levels A new study published in the Nature Climate Change journal has found that arid desert areas, which are among the largest ecosystems on the planet, More >>

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