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Creating welcoming and supportive habitats for pollinators, specifically bees, is integral to our food supply. When we feed them, they feed us. Now is the perfect time to assess your garden to see if there are places where you can...
In North America, how we typically deal with bodies after death is atrocious for the environment. According to the Green Burial Council, burials in the United States use about 4.3 million gallons of embalming fluid each year, and approximately 827,060...
Chickens get all the love as an urban or rural homestead pet, and as wonderful as they are, there may be better reasons to keep backyard ducks instead, specifically Muscovy ducks
Nobody likes having to bring home a big bag of garbage after a long camping trip. Not only does it end up smelling gross, it’s totally wasteful. So here are some tips on how to reduce your environmental impact and keep...
This flower is so much more than a long-blooming bouquet star—and one you’ll definitely want to add to the to-grow list for next season. It is well-loved by gardeners because not only is it beautiful and decorative, but it’s also...
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