Green Gifting

The perfect green gift is so easy to find, right? Well no, not exactly. Let's face it; a lot of those eco-friendly recycled gifts usually do not get a stellar reaction. Here are some green gift suggestions to assure that your gifts don't make their way to an overflowing landfill once the holidays are done...

For Your Spouse

Spouses can be difficult to shop for. It always seems like they have their eye on one item, but want to play coy about giving hints about what it is. For the technically-inclined spouse, there is always a solar powered battery charger which converts sunlight to charge their phone, tablet or any device that can be connected by a USB. Of course there is always the holiday gift that keeps on giving – the Kindle. The Kindle pairs well with the solar powered battery charger as your house would be saving electricity and trees.

For Your Mother

Mothers had to put up with all those pine cone Santa's and tree ornaments that you made at school and gave them for Christmas as a child, so why not get them something better this year? For mothers who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, give the gift of sustainability and practicality by giving them a micro-garden that fits right onto their window sill. There are quite a few varieties that grow spices, vegetables or mushrooms.

For Your Father

Fathers are fairly easy to please, so perhaps hunt down some organic gin or a nice organic cotton robe. Alternatively, pay a visit to a local organic artisan food shop. Sure, you will have to refrigerate Dad's gift, but he is sure to love a giant wheel of handcrafted cheese.

For Your Sister

There are tons of great organic clothing gifts out there, but if you have no clue what sort of fashion your sister is into, try getting something organic that she can pamper herself with instead. Organic bath salts, soaps and lotions are an ever-growing market, and your sister will be enjoying them months after the holidays have passed.

For Your Brother

For the outdoors type, try a messenger bag or backpack made from recyclable materials. For the technically inclined, consider the WeMo Switch and Smart Plug, which allows control over any device via their smart phone. Or for the handyman, consider getting him a pair of Cuts+More Scissors from Fiskars.