It’s Waste Reduction Week in Canada. What does that mean?

We all strive to reduce our waste production and lessen our carbon footprints. This week is a chance to learn more and celebrate our collective efforts. It’s day three of Waste Reduction Week!

Waste Reduction Week is a year-round program, but October 18 to 23, 2021 is a specific week where we celebrate our goal setting and our determinations, while learning how to further our waste-reduction efforts. It’s all about being encouraged to further reduce waste! 

Every day this week, we’ll be taking a close look at ways we can reduce waste and the principles behind waste reduction. Education is a vital part of this program, as is motivation and inspiration.  Yesterday, we looked at the Textile industry; today, E-Waste.


Today, we're looking at E-Waste.

E-Waste means electronic waste. It refers to unwanted electronic equipment such as old iPhones, broken laptops, used batteries and burnt-out light bulbs.

Why is this problematic? Because e-waste can leak toxic elements, like mercury and lead, and parts of the electronics (materials like steel, glass, aluminum and precious metals) can actually be recycled!

In 2019, the total amount of hazardous e-waste reached 53.6 million metric tonnes. Only 17.4% of it was recycled. At this rate, e-waste will quickly become one of the fastest growing waste streams globally.

You might not have realized that there is a way to recover the materials from your old and damaged electronics. Aluminum can be used to make new products, saving 95% of the energy required to make products from new materials. It takes 240 kilograms of fossil fuels, 22 kilograms of chemicals and 1,500 kilograms of water to manufacture a brand-new computer. Consider that before you trade in your current smart phone or upgrade your laptop.


How Can I Lessen My E-Waste?

  • Donate or sell your electronic item
  • Hold onto your devices longer
  • Recycle your electronics at safely managed sites
  • Organize a collection event for e-waste
  • Purchase items that have circularity built in at the design phase

Waste Reduction Week in Canada Events:

Canadian zero-waste laundry brand Tru Earth is a proud supporter of Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

To join in the 2021 celebrations, Tru Earth will host an official Grand Opening of their Tru Earth Store at 3210 St. Johns Street, in Port Moody, BC.

Events are on from October 18 to 23 at their flagship store:

  • 15% off all purchases
  • Free giveaways with every purchase
  • Fun prize draws daily
  • Virgin Radio will be onsite October 23 for the official Grand Opening celebrations

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About Waste Reduction Week in Canada

This is the 20th year of Waste Reduction Week in Canada. While Canadian Waste Reduction and Recycling Weeks have been organized since the mid-1980s, in 2001, this national Waste Reduction Week program was formally implemented by the Circular Innovation Council. This program today has the support of many not-for-profit environmental groups as well as all provincial and territorial governments in Canada.