Green weddings are becoming more popular as environmental awareness grows. Here are 15 ideas for an eco-friendly wedding.


15. Eco-Invites

Invitations can be beautiful works of art, and they can also use a lot of paper and ink. One eco friendly wedding idea can be printing your invites on recycled paper with plant based inks. For even more of a green statement, look for plantable paper. This specialty paper is made from recycled paper mixed with flower seeds.

14. Encourage Alternative Transportation

Friends and family come from near and far for a wedding, but almost all of them will use fossil fuels to get there. Help cut down on your wedding’s carbon footprint by encouraging guests to use alternate means of transportation. Local guests can carpool, bike or even walk if the venue is close enough. Guests from out of town will appreciate a hybrid or electric rental car service.

13. The Perfect Location

Consider your choice of venue carefully. The location will set the mood for your event. A local venue can help minimize your guests’ travel time. An outdoor spot can be perfect for a green wedding and will also cut out any heating or cooling energy that would be used indoors. Another eco friendly wedding idea is to have your reception and ceremony at the same location to eliminate travel time and fuel use. 

12) Earth Friendly Décor

Decorations can make a wedding space look great, but more often than not the décor ends up in a landfill after the ceremony. Look for decorations that can be recycled, reused or composted. Flowers make wonderful decorations and can be disposed of in an eco friendly way. Using your wedding favors as centerpieces can also cut down on waste.


11. Find Your Flowers

Store bought flowers have often been shipped in over long distances. Ask local florists if they have locally grown flowers available. Some community gardens also offer flowers for sale. For a low-cost alternative, hand picked wildflowers can make an elegant statement.

10. Picture Perfect

Wedding photographs record wonderful memories, and they can also make a statement about your eco-sensibilities. One eco friendly wedding idea would be to ask your photographer for digital proofs to cut down on wasted paper. Set up an on-line location for photo sharing after the wedding and discourage single-use cameras at the event.

9. Charitable Gifts

If you already have most of the household items you need, ask your guests to donate to a favorite charity in lieu of buying gifts for the wedding. Alternatively, if you really do need those hand towels, there are several on-line registry sites that will donate a portion of their sales to charity.

8. Fabulous Favors

Most wedding guests enjoy having a keepsake to take home. Make sure your wedding favors show your guests how you feel about being green. Organic chocolates are always appreciated and don’t leave any waste behind. Small potted plants or reusable stemware also make great eco friendly favors. For the members of the wedding party, consider a bottle of organic wine.

7. Organic Hors d’oeuvres

Ask if your caterer can offer an organic menu for your wedding, and don’t forget to offer alternatives for vegetarian diets. You might also consider having your cake decorated with flowers or sugar sculptures instead of the standard plastic toppers.

6. Green Dinnerware

There are many choices available for recycled or biodegradable dinnerware. You can find elegant plates and flatware made from bamboo, corn, soy or recycled plastic. If you decide to use recyclable plastic dishes make sure your guests know where the recycle bins are located after the meal.

5. Donate Leftovers

Most catered meals result in a large quantity of leftovers. A great eco friendly wedding idea would be to find a local shelter or food bank that would appreciate the donation.

4. Eco-Attire

When choosing a wedding dress, there are several eco friendly options available. Vintage dresses are quite popular and can be a beautiful alternative to a new dress. If you want something more modern, look for eco fabrics like bamboo or hemp.

3. Consider Rentals

Many wedding party participants will only wear their wedding outfits once. Renting tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses is a wonderful eco friendly wedding idea that can go a long way toward reducing the carbon footprint of your big day.

2. Recycled Rings

Your wedding rings symbolize your love for each other, and they should also symbolize your personal values. Look for rings made from recycled precious metals that feature cruelty-free gemstones.

1. Stay Local

The best way to have a green wedding is to stay as local as possible. Anything that gets shipped in for your wedding adds to the energy used. This includes food, guests, flowers, decorations and clothing. The more local goods and services you can take advantage of the better.

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. Using these eco friendly wedding ideas can help make it a wonderful green wedding to remember.