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I am the Online Editor-in-Chief for My Passion Media. I am a dad, an entrepreneur and a lover of all things outdoors. I am passionate about getting out of my comfort zone and enjoying everything nature has to offer with both my friends and family.

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The Environmental Disaster that is the Sochi Olympic Games
Feb 3, 2014
The Sochi Winter Olympic Games are not only proving to be socially and politically controversial, but also environmentally devastating. Though the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver and the 2012 Olympic Games in London were praised as the greenest Winter Games...
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Russian Government Cleaning the Streets of Strays in Sochi with Poison for the Winter Games
Jan 31, 2014
It is a bad time to be a stray animal in Sochi, Russia. Usually the stray animals would be little more of a nuisance to the locals. However that doesn't stop thousands of stray cats and dogs being shot, poisoned,
Social Issues
Nasa Visually Demonstrates 63 Years of Global Warming
Jan 29, 2014
On Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies released an updated report on temperatures around the globe that analyzes global surface temperatures. This report was generated off data gathered from more than 1,000 meteorological stations around the world. According...
Our Environment
Scientists Track Elephants To Save Millennia-Old Migratory Routes
Jan 29, 2014
An exercise to fit tracking collars on four elephants within the Amboseli eco system was completed in Kenya recently. The GPS collars, which transmit a satellite and radio signal, map out the elephants’ migratory routes and identify how expansively...
Environmental Science
James L. Powell - Do Scientists Reject Global Warming?
Jan 27, 2014
There is an interesting new study published by James L. Powell that is taking the scientific and the environmental world by storm. Powell's study set out to determine if there is indeed a gap between scientists when it comes to...
Environmental Science
Playing With Fire - Sierra Nevada's Wildlife Will Pay Price for Post-Fire Logging
Jan 22, 2014
A new Center for Biological Diversity report outlines the important ecological benefits of last summer’s Rim Fire in northern California – and exposes how a U.S. Forest Service plans to allow 30,000 acres of logging in the burned area that...
Our Environment
The Center For Responsible Travel: Bear-Viewing Generates Far More Cash Than Hunting
Jan 21, 2014
A new study has found that bear-viewing ecotourism in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest “generates far more value to the economy” in terms of revenue, taxes, and jobs than the older and more well-established trophy hunting of grizzly and black...
Our Environment
New Policy Package To Clean Up Europe's Air
Jan 21, 2014
The human toll for poor air quality is worse than that for road traffic accidents – making it the number one environmental cause of premature death in the EU. It also impacts the quality of life, due to asthma or respiratory...
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Gloriously Green - Seattle's Bullitt Center Named The Most Sustainable Building In The World
Jan 20, 2014
The stylishly sustainable Bullitt Center, a commercial building in Seattle, has been named the most ‘Sustainable Building of the Year’ by World Architecture News. The building – built by organizer of the first Earth Day and Earth Day Network board chair...
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Multiple Fiery Train Derailments Point To Need For Safety Review
Jan 17, 2014
In the wake of two explosive derailments in the past two weeks involving crude oil from the Bakken region of North Dakota and western Canada, the Center for Biological Diversity is calling for a moratorium on rail transport of the...
Our Environment
The Cat Could Come Back - New Plan Aims To Bring Jaguarundis Back To South Texas
Jan 16, 2014
South Texas’ Rio Grande Valley could soon have a new feline inhabitant... A new federal recovery plan for Gulf Coast Jaguarundis – rare and enigmatic felines that are slightly larger than house cats – calls for the animal’s reintroduction to the...
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Grandaddy Sharks? New Study Discovers Extreme Longevity In White Sharks
Jan 14, 2014
Great white sharks – the top predators throughout the world's oceans – grow much slower and live significantly longer than previously thought, according to a new study led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). In the first successful radiocarbon age...
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EU Provides Glimmer Of Hope For Elephants After A Dismal 2013
Jan 13, 2014
More than 41 tonnes of elephant ivory were seized in 2013 – and heartbreakingly, that’s the largest quantity in the last 25 years. However, the fact that up to 50,000 elephants a year are now being slaughtered for their ivory seems...
Our Environment
Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Ban On Trophy Hunting In The Great Bear Rainforest
Jan 10, 2014

Poll results released recently show overwhelming public support for the ban on trophy hunting for bears in the Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest.

Introduced last September under the tribal laws of nine coastal First Nations, the ban enjoys the...

Our Environment
Gisele Bundchen Joins Rainforest Alliance
Jan 7, 2014
The Rainforest Alliance has announced the appointment of international supermodel, entrepreneur and environmental activist Gisele Bündchen to its board of directors. In her role as a board member, Bündchen will help shape the vision, strategic plans and policies that...
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Grizzly Love In British Columbia
Jan 6, 2014
The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just made it easier for a threatened South Selkirk population of grizzly bears to connect with a larger population to the east. The group has added over 150 hectares to the Frog Bear Conservation...
Environmental Science
WWF Applauds Initiatives Against Harmful Fisheries Subsidies
Jan 3, 2014
The World Wildlife Fund has applauded an initiative from more than a dozen countries to freeze subsidies that encourage overfishing. It is hoped that this will spur action by other governments and help speed progress on the more than a decade...
Green Business
Palm Oil Giant Makes Major Commitment To End Forest Destruction
Jan 3, 2014
Wilmar International, the world's largest palm oil trader, has announced a No Deforestation Policy in response to pressure from Greenpeace, NGOs and consumers around the world. The policy has the potential to be a landmark win for the world’s forests and...
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An Eco Friendly 2014 - New Year Resolutions For Greenies
Dec 31, 2013
Protecting our planet requires everyone to change their habits. Start with these 10 resolutions to get you and your family off to the right start this year. Turn off lights in rooms that you aren’t using. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact...
Green Living
Don't Be A Landfill Lover - The Five Golden Rules Of Recycling
Dec 28, 2013
The bustle of the holidays is almost over, and now is the perfect time to get organized for the coming year. Recycling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint all year and doing it takes just a little...
Green Living
How Healthy Are Canada's Oceans?
Dec 20, 2013
The Ocean Health Index is a yearly report that uses ten measured goals to create an index that rates the health of the world’s oceans as a group, as well as the health of the oceans surrounding each individual country.
Our Environment
Good Shark - Four Ways That Animals Help The Environment
Dec 19, 2013
Healthy shark populations may aid the recovery of damaged coral reefs, according to a new study from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS). So how do sharks, the most fearsome predators in the ocean, save coral reefs rather than destroy...
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