Stay germ-free without damaging your hands and the environment

Practicing fastidious hand hygiene has become a big part of our daily lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that can include using a lot of hand sanitizer when you're on the go. If you’ve noticed your skin feeling dry, flaky, and sore, it could be because a majority of these conventional products are heavily chemical-based.

Since health is top priority, opt for an organic hand sanitizer that is easy on the skin, moisturizing, and contains biodegradable ingredients that are eco-friendly.

Do natural hand sanitizers work?

Natural sanitizers effectively clean and protect hands from bacteria, but keep in mind, they should never completely take the place of proper hand washing. For a good guide, the Centre For Disease Control suggests products should have at least 60 percent alcohol.

According to Health Canada, washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is the best way to keep germs away, but “hand sanitizers help reduce the risk of infection by, or spread of, microorganisms" and should be used especially when the first option is not available.

For people with allergies, sensitive skin, or various conditions like eczema or rosacea, organic products are a great option as they keep the risk of inflammation down, and won’t cause irritation.

Make sure to always read the ingredients before purchasing, and refer to Health Canada’s recall list for any concerns.

Here are seven natural hand sanitizers we recommend for clean, healthy skin...


1. EO Healing Hand Sanitizer

EO Healing Hand SanitizerEO Healing’s hand sanitizer is a Health Canada-approved, plant-based product that is carbomer-free (liquid plastics found in commercial sanitizers), and made with vegetable glycerin, which will keep the skin nourished. It’s safe for sensitive, skin, unscented and contains 60 percent Isopropyl alcohol.


2. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand SanitizerKeep your hands soft and clean with this conveniently sized hand sanitizer by Dr. Bronner. Formulated with organic ethyl alcohol, organic glycerin, water and lavender oil, it’s safe to use for all skin types and has a fresh peppermint scent. Perfect when you're on the go!


3. Nezza Naturals Hand Sanitizer

Nezza Naturals Hand SanitizerVictoria, B.C. organic cosmetic brand Nezza's key lime and tea tree hand sanitizer is tough on germs and gentle on the skin. Made with aloe juice and vegetable glycerin, it’s packed with soothing essential oils so your hands won’t dry out. Plus, the fragrance is absolutely wonderful.


4. Nena Hand Sanitizer Spray

nena skin careNena’s Health Canada-approved spritz contains a variety of natural goodies, like calendura, blueberry, aloe vera and more. Suitable for all skin types, it works to keep harmful bacteria away while your hands stay hydrated.


5. Hands Free Sanitizer Spray by AG Hair

Hands Free Sanitizer Spray by AG HairJust as the name suggests, this spray hand sanitizer from AG Hair is formulated with 98 percent natural ingredients and 73 percent alcohol to keep the germs away. Your skin won’t feel dry or sticky after use thanks to soothing vitamin E, aloe vera and glycerin. It's also available in a gel formula.


6. Nudestix Antibacterial Hand Gel

Nudestix Antibacterial Hand GelCanadian beauty brand Nudestix has formulated its antibacterial gel with 62 percent ethanol and vegan ingredients, such as castor seed oil, green tea extract, vitamin E and glycerin, to protect hands from germs and dryness. Plus, for every one bottle purchased online, a 30 ml bottle will be donated to communities in need.


7. Lotus Aroma Hand Sanitizer Spray

Lotus AromaThis all-natural spray from Lotus Aroma uses 70 percent plant-based alcohol, organic aloe vera juice, eucalyptus oil and lemon oil to keep your hands clean and hydrated. It’s also GMO-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free, and smells like refreshing citrus.