Environmentally friendly technologies are advancing each day. More companies are switching to eco-friendly models and developing products that work through a variety of alternative energies. Laptops are being made from recycled materials, while electronics are able to work with solar power. On a larger scale vehicles are also able to work with safer and cleaner energy. The amount of advancements that are being made for future green technology is sure to continue its expansion.

Solar Panels
Credit: richardmasoner via Flickr

The latest green technology is an exciting advancement in the production of hydrogen fuel cell cars. These nearly perfect vehicles work by utilizing hydrogen in order to give cars a super ability to drive for hundreds upon hundreds of miles without using gasoline, electricity, or a combination of those two. In London this latest green technology has already been put to use. The Lotus hydrogen taxi is taking it's first steps towards future green technology by promoting and basically testing the practicalities of hydrogen fuel cell cars.

With hydrogen fuel cell cars as an example of how the latest green technology has exponentially increased and developed, it is expected that more innovative creations are coming sooner than we think. Each day someone invents an idea or comes up with a solution for environmental problems. Future green technology could certainly overthrow the need for any of our current "archaic" technology needs. Current fuel and energy production is the biggest thing that is being studied daily. Within 25 years we may not have any need for gasoline or coal products.

The latest green technology also expands on past vehicles. Small electronics can be charged with portable solar powered chargers. Netbooks are being made with recycled materials and use so little electricity that it is amazing they can even work. Future green technology will definitely play a role in our small electronics - including MP3 players, hand held game systems, laptops, and even cameras.

Of course, one of the most popular advances in the latest green technology is trying to eliminate the need for paper materials. Classrooms are resorting to digital textbooks and coursework. Popular brands like Sony are making e-readers so consumers no longer need to purchase paper back books. Magazines are offering digital subscriptions, while newspapers are also going digital in many cities. This type of technology means that future green technology may not involve paper products at all.

In some areas the latest green technology involves using plants to "absorb" toxins and environmental pollution. This type of research has helped some larger cities clean their air quality by utilizing the power of plants. Research is still being done on this to develop a strong technology for using plants to clean the air.

Away from plants and solid ground, scientists are working on developing future green technology that could be the answer to energy problems. Offshore energy creation is developed from waves and wind power off the coasts of the United States. This unique technology leaves behind a small footprint, and may be the future of how our homes, businesses, and factories are powered.

More students are attending college for environmental sciences, which will certainly lead the way to advanced research and qualified individuals in the environmental technology field. It is exciting to see what may be available in 5, 10, or even 20 years.