Green innovations and technology have come a long way in the past few years. Some of these innovations that have come out of the green movement are odd or simply unbelievable. Some of these are real, and others are merely conceptual. But they all bear the mark of forward-thinking, eco-friendly awareness.

#10. Candy Wrapper Handbags

Furniture and art made from thousands of compressed candy wrappers, were all the rage a while back. Celebrities had them in their homes, and they were being touted by green experts on many different TV talk shows. They had a chic, sophisticated look, and they got people’s attention. Now there is a new use for used candy wrappers and other disposable packaging—these handbags.

This doesn't mean that eating a boat load of sweets is a good idea!

Candy Wrapper Handbags

#9. Cattle Flatulence Offsets

Because of the extent to which cows’ flatulence contributes to carbon emissions, scientists have been wondering what to do to reduce these gases in the air. The methane is the gas that cows produce that leads to pollution, and its pollution is even more harmful than that of carbon dioxide. When one compares cow flatulence with that of kangaroo flatulence, however, one discovers that kangaroos do not have this problem with methane. A certain kind of bacteria in the kangaroo’s system prevents the emission of toxic gas. So, in order to alleviate the problem, scientists toyed with the idea of isolating this bacterium giving the cows an injection of it. Australian scientists are still working out how exactly to go about isolating the bacterium.

For those of you who are wondering...there is no human version in progress, although it would a great seller for first dates.

Cow Fart

#8. Human-Powered Floating Gyms

These floating capsules look like something out of science fiction or a dystopian novel. These gyms would act as transport mechanisms, but they would run on the power created by human activity. You would end up encased in the capsule and would need to be moving constantly in order to power it. And a whole lot of other people would be sweating their way across the water to their destination right along with you. An idea proffered by architect Mitchell Joachim and personal trainer Douglas Joachim.

Floating Gym

#7. Paper Blankets

This innovation was created by Diane Steverlynk. Her company Cardboard Coverings breaks down and manufactures used cardboard boxes into a material that is soft enough to use for a blanket. The best thing of all is, these blankets come with their own personal touch. All of the packing and handling instructions remain on the blanket, transferred from the box during manufacturing.

Just keep in mind that sleeping outside if it's cloudy might not be the best idea.

Paper Blanket

#6. Male Floral Fascinators

This is the latest offering from Nissa Quanstrom ‘s Green Streets collection. Nothing says "I'm manly and love nature!" like a giant flower on your head!

Flower Hat

#5. Eco-Friendly Surgical Masks

These are the brainchild of Ben Landau and Brittany Veitch. It’s not clear exactly what they’re made of, but it’s supposed to be some kind of organism that provides a natural barrier.

Just imagine your surgeon walking into the OR looking like that!


#4. Furniture Made From Grass

How’d you like to bring the outdoors in? That’s exactly what you’re doing with this furniture made from grass upholstery. Evidently this is a new design trend, and many designers are seeking to create their own pieces literally made of grass.

Who doesn't love grass stains?

Grass Couch

#3. Cell Phones Made from Hay

Designed by Je-Hyun Kim, this phone’s casing only is made from hay. The other parts of it, such as the keyboard and screen, are not so eco-friendly. But when you want to turn your phone in, you can rub the hay off and let it go back into the earth where it can nurture some future plant life. This gives new meaning to the term “recycling” your cell phone.

"Why is there hay in my pocket?"

Hay Phone

#2. Inflating Shower Curtain Trap

Elisabeth Beucher invented a shower curtain with a mind of its own. This water-saving shower curtain slowly inflates as it deems you’ve used up enough water for your shower. If you ignore it and continue bathing or showering, you’ll find yourself encased in plastic, still with access to oxygen, of course. The other version of this invention is a shower curtain that actually grows spikes that force you out of the shower stall once it determines you’ve overstayed your welcome.

Who wouldn't want to get attacked by plastic in the shower after a long hard days work? It's tough love, but it is a creative way to help conservation efforts.

Shower Curtain

#1. Portable Nuclear Plant

The idea of a nuclear plant that is portable was championed by Hyperion Power Generation. Essentially, what would happen is that plants would be built in a new manageable size, say, that of a hot tub. The power created by these mini-plants would be around 70 megawatts.

It’s unclear what would happen in the event of a meltdown...

Nuclear Power Plant

Whether they seem practical or not, some of these innovations...well at least their inventors could end up making our lives easier and more environmentally friendly.