chain 4© Ibra Ibrahimoviç / Greenpeace

Over 7500 people from almost 30 countries stood hand in hand this week, demonstrating against what would be Europe’s biggest brown coal open-pit mine.

chain 3© Ibra Ibrahimoviç / Greenpeace

They formed a cross-border Human Chain, spanning eight kilometres between the communities of Kerkwitz in Germany and Grabice in Poland.

chain 1© Ibra Ibrahimoviç / Greenpeace

Both places, as well as others, are in danger of falling victim to plans for open-pit mines.

chain 2© Ibra Ibrahimoviç / Greenpeace

The border was crossed at Groß Gastrose, where local fire fighters waded into the Neisse River, thus creating an uninterrupted human chain.