The stunning Byng House residence in Oak Bay, B.C. exemplifies the best of both worlds—stunning design and a firm commitment to sustainability

Designed by Cascadia Architects, Byng House meets the International Passive House standard, a certification given to buildings that are energy-efficient. Passive Homes are not a new concept—they’ve been around for a couple of decades now—but the number of buildings with this certification has been steadily increasing since 2008, which is encouraging to see.

Byng House was built by NZ Builders and designed by Cascadia’s principal architect, Peter Johannknecht. It features a serene, European-inspired design and expert craftsmanship throughout—from the modern, elemental exterior to the warm, inviting interior.

This two-storey, single-family home substitutes traditional wood-frame construction for cedar siding on the exterior. Inside, B.C. walnut helps invite texture and warmth.

front doorIn keeping with the Passive House standards, Byng House incorporates several energy-saving features. Among the most notable is a highly efficient Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system, which reuses heat while continuously supplying the interior with fresh, outside air.

Every space in the home is as sleek as it is eco-conscious. The wood and aluminum-clad, triple-pane windows flood the home with natural light, while low-flow fixtures and LED lighting further reduce the home’s ecological footprint.

Located in a traditional neighbourhood, the welcoming familiarity of the home’s wood exterior seamlessly integrates with the surroundings, piquing the community’s interest in local materials and sustainable design.

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