This season, opt for long-lasting and high-quality products that are kinder to the planet

Exchanging gifts is an enjoyable and special tradition for many people during the holiday season—but, unfortunately, many gifts go to waste when the festivities fade and are made of unsustainable materials that end up degrading in a landfill or polluting the ocean.

When thinking of gift ideas, lead with practicality, functionality and sustainability. Consider items that your recipient will use in their day-to-day lives, which means household items are a great option. Many household items include plastic and unnatural materials, which is why, as sustainable gift-givers, we must look for eco-friendly alternatives for these everyday tasks.

Here is our green gift guide for handy household items this holiday season...

1. Beeswax Food WrapTru Earth Beeswax Food Wrap

Scrap the single-use plastic and store your food in a sustainable way with these lightweight and flexible reusable wraps by Tru Earth, made with beeswax, cotton, tree resin and jojoba oil. With different size options, they can be used to wrap fruits and vegetables, or as a lid to cover containers. Plus, they are easy to clean for using again and again.

2. Bamboo Sisal BrushesBasic Goods Co. Bamboo Sisal Brushes

Basic Goods bamboo sisal brushes are natural, environmentally friendly and extremely high-quality, making for efficient and effective cleaning. They come in five different forms: an oval scrub brush, dishwashing brush, pot-scrubbing brush, bottle brush, and fruit and veggie brush. They're a great option to make your loved one's washing routine a little easier and a lot more sustainable.

3. Upcycled Paperless TowelsUpcycled Paperless Towels Ardent Earth

Some messes just call for paper towels—and you can get the same size, shape and weight of a paper towel without ending up creating unnecessary waste with these upcycled paperless towels by Ardent Earth. These reusable and washable towels can be spooled onto a paper towel tube or kept in a drawer, and their 100 percent cotton fabric is upcycled from material that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

4. Wool Dryer BallsWool Dryer Balls

Tru Earth’s 100% Premium Organic New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls absorb moisture in your laundry to shorten drying time and save energy. The perfect alternative to dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners, these dryer balls are an eco-friendly, petroleum-free option that last for more than 1,000 loads.

5. Muslin Bowl Covers

Muslin Bowl CoversGone are the days of wrapping your food in plastic cling wrap when options like Basic Goods Trading Company's Muslin Bowl Covers are much more sustainable. Fitted with elastic to provide secure coverage over plates, bowls and containers, these linen-cotton blend covers are collapsible, reusable and come in a three-pack of pretty colours, allowing you to keep your food fresh and your home stylish.

6. Tru Earth Eco-StripsTru Earth Eco-Strips

These ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly laundry detergent strips from Tru Earth are the perfect way to wash your clothes and protect the environment at the same time. With a dramatically smaller eco-footprint than liquid and powder detergents, these strips eliminate the use of plastic packaging and their lightweight design reduces transportation fuel consumption and global warming carbon emissions compared to traditional laundry soap.

7. Muslin Shopping Bags

Basic Goods Co. Shopping BagsA tried, tested and true eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags are Basic Goods’ Muslin Shopping Bags. These reusable and biodegradable produce bags are made of organic cotton muslin, keeping fruits and veggies fresh in a breathable and naturally scented bag (from all-organic herbs) that’s sealed with a snap closure to keep everything secure.

8. Shampoo Bars

Lush shampoo barsSelf-care and hygiene products are a great gift idea, but many come in plastic bottles. Try the cruelty-free shampoo bars from Lush, which are 100 percent vegetarian, packed with natural ingredients and essential oils, and are entirely plastic-free. They’re also super-concentrated, with one shampoo bar lasting up to 80 washes.

9. Silicone Fruit and Veggie CoversBasic Goods Co. Silicone Fruit and Veggie Covers

Keep your produce fresh with these Reusable Silicone Fruit and Veggie Covers by Basic Goods. Available in four lovely colours to add a pop of vibrancy to your kitchen, these food huggers fit on a variety of fruits and vegetables, like lemons, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and more.

10. Reusable Water Bottles

Swell Reusable Water BottlesHydration is essential for a healthy lifestyle, so it’s a good idea to always have a reusable bottle on hand. S’Well bottles are popular because of their therma-s’well technology and triple-layer insulator, keeping beverages hot or cold for long periods of time. Their BPA-/BPS-free design is eco-friendly, and they are perfect for grabbing as you head out the door to avoid having to purchase plastic bottles while on the go.

11. Mesh Reusable Grocery BagsTru Earth Mesh Reusable Grocery Bags

Plastic bags can take over 1,000 years to break down and are harmful to marine species and the environment—these versatile mesh grocery bags by Tru Earth are a much more sustainable option. Made with 100 percent durable cotton fabric, the bags will transport your groceries safely, and are also easy to clean in the washing machine or by hand.

12. Stand Up Silicone Food BagsStand Up Silicone Food Bags

Say goodbye to single-use storage options and instead use Basic Goods Stand Up Silicone Food Bags, which, unlike traditional plastic, contain no BPA or toxins. The platinum silicone pouches are endlessly reusable, and they have an airtight seal and a pinch lock to keep food fresh.