From beautiful linens to green essentials and ethically sourced decor, we’ve got your home covered with these four sustainable homeware brands

Living sustainably is a true commitment—and while it takes time and effort, every little step you take towards reducing waste in your home counts. We've rounded up four eco-friendly home brands that help bring sustainable living into your bedroom, kitchen, laundry room and more.

1. Better Basics, Vancouver

Better BasicsBetter Basics is an eco-friendly, female-founded company with the mission of leaving the world better than they found it by making reusable, refillable and biodegradable products. The collection was designed to make your plastic-free journey easy, with canvas market bags complete with a convenient inner pocket, stylish mesh sacs inspired by perusing a Parisian market and multi-use mesh pouches for produce.

They also have gorgeous, neutral-coloured mugs and jars made to last with 100 percent recyclable stainless steel—aptly named the Ever Jar, Mug and Bottle—which keep water, beverages and food cold or hot for up to six hours. Stay tuned for all-natural cleaning and personal care products in a bulk-sized refill program coming this January.


2. Citizenry, New York

CitizenryCitizenryWith COVID travel restrictions, it’s been a bit of a challenge to fill our homes with things collected from our adventures this year—so why not seek out some curated goods that support local economies abroad? The Citizenry has beautiful hand-crafted pillows and rugs that originate in Peru, India, Guatemala, Mexico, as well as stonewashed linen bedding made in Portugal in stunningly rich neutrals.

When you shop at The Citizenry, every dollar supports artisans from around the globe. Their goods are crafted with soul and a story. Owners Carly and Rachel personally travel to the countries they source their products from, ensuring they're all made using local materials, thoughtfully designed, and ethically crafted—they do this by collaborating and building sustainable relationships with the artisans. They provide the people behind their products with fair wages (on average, two times the fair-trade requirement) and good working conditions. Their goal is to celebrate the people behind their products and they believe an object is only as beautiful as the environment in which it’s made. 


3. Flax Sleep, Vancouver

Flax SleepFlax SleepWe promise you’ll get a good night’s rest with Vancouver-based Flax Sleep. Their linen sheets are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, all-season and, most importantly, sustainable. Linen uses up to 20 times less water and energy to produce than regular cotton bedding. It also requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers than other crops traditionally used in home essentials.

Flax Sleep started out as a side hustle for three friends and first-time entrepreneurs, Anna Heyd, Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick, and has since turned into a thriving bedding and home essentials business. Focused exclusively on European linen made with quality materials, high production standards and ethical manufacturing practices, they make bedding, towels, robes and kitchen essentials (like aprons, towels, napkins) and, most recently, breathable double-layered masks. They also donate part of our proceeds (and all returned goods) to Atira Women's Resource Society.


4. Tru Earth, Port Moody

tru earthTru Earth’s signature product is an innovative zero-waste laundry strip. Each eco-strip is an ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, liquidless detergent that comes in compostable packaging. The brand also offers other sustainable lifestyle products, such as reusable makeup pads, reusable grocery bags and wool dryer balls.

Most recently, Tru Earth launched a multi-surface house-cleaning product that is very similar in design to its laundry strips. To clean surfaces, you simply toss a strip into a spray bottle, add hot water, and shake until it dissolves. You can also mix it into a bucket to mop, or throw half a strip in your toilet bowl to clean. Like the laundry strips, the cleaner comes in compostable packaging and eliminates plastic waste.