When it comes to adding warmth and character to your home, you can’t go wrong with plush, natural botanicals

Local entrepreneur Bea Valdeavilla and her husband founded lifestyle brand Nu Moon for just that purpose, to share their love of vintage Boheme, dried botanicals and beautiful things. “My goal for Nu Moon is to be a lifestyle where we can make things beautiful by being sustainable, too!”Nu Moon Bea Valdeavilla

Based in Vancouver, B.C., Nu Moon specializes in pampas grass, palms, dried flowers, and home and wedding decor. They also offer bridal floral services, where you can have your dream bouquet shipped right to your door.

“I’m always into home decor and pretty things,” says Bea, “It started when my husband and I were moving to a new place and we’d been searching for unique home decor that was sustainable and budget-friendly. That’s where we found out about pampas grass! I grew up in the Philippines and that’s where my love for natural textures and nature came from.”

Nu Moon offers mostly dried flowers and real plants. Dried flowers are natural, biodegradable, and don’t require continuous refrigeration and water, making them last a lot longer. That also means less waste.

Vintage goods and sustainability go hand in hand. “Shopping vintage is definitely more environmentally friendly,” says Bea, “To me, being sustainable means avoiding the depletion of natural resources so that an ecological balance can be maintained. That’s what I love that we offer something everlasting that can be reused and repurposed.”