Within the United Stated, the amount of electricity flowing through internal as well as external adapters is almost 470 kWh (12 percent of the annual electricity consumption every year). Most users of cell phone users plug their charger into any outlet and leave it plugged in continuously, even if the phone itself is not connected to it. AT&T states that 80% of cell phone users tend to leave their phone chargers plugged into a wall outlet very often. What people do not realize is that an average cell phone charger uses the same power from an outlet whether it is actually using the power or not.

The process of a device converting electricity into heat costs the nation more than $12 billion in utility bills. It is estimated that the average household pays more than $40 each year in standby energy. This clearly shows that there is a lot of electricity that is being wasted around the world due to phone chargers. AT&T has stated that the amount of power wasted by chargers plugged into an outlet without a phone attached can power 24,000 homes each year. When the conventional charger is left plugged and is not charging a phone, it can use up to 5-20 times more electricity than what is stored inside the battery itself.

To control this large amount of wasted energy from phone chargers, AT&T is offering a new charger called the ZERO Charger. To provide an environmentally friendly and simple solution for customers, AT&T has worked with Superior Communications in creating the first user-friendly and practical zero-draw charger. The Zero Charger has been created to solve an environmental problem that most people do not even know exists: Vampire draw. This is the small amount of power a charger uses when left pulled into an outlet, even without a device plugged into it. Even being very small, this power adds up quickly when figuring in all the wall chargers in the entire world. The new Zero Charger is able to fix this problem by turning itself off completely when the phone is fully charged. Vampire draw is completely eliminated and the charger will never have to be unplugged again. The charger is able to recognize when a phone is not plugged in and disconnect itself from the outlet automatically, avoiding parasitic electricity loss.


The ZERO Charger is made with green packaging (100% recycled paper) and has promised to work with various cell phone for many years. With the large customer base of AT&T, providing this type of solution helps customers to make a difference in the world’s environment. When a cell phone user is able to keep their existing charger when upgrading to a new phone, it means that there will be less chargers ending up in a landfill.

The USB compatibility of the AT&T ZERO Charger makes it a convenient station for charging for many different cell phone devices. This charger will be sold exclusively in AT&T stores throughout the country. The provider of the charger does not specify the process, but does state it will cost just as much as the typical replacement charger.