Here’s to having romantic, meaningful experiences with a small carbon footprint

We often think we have to spend a lot of money to have a great date, but there are so many fun and simple activities that can bring you and your partner closer, all while having a low impact on the environment.

Whether it’s giving back to a cause together or spending quality time outdoors, these eco-friendly date ideas are a guaranteed good time…

1. Have a zero-waste picnic

tru earth cutleryWith the days getting warmer, this is the perfect time to find a secluded spot at your neighbourhood park or beach and enjoy an afternoon together. When packing your picnic basket, make sure to include reusable cutlery, and things such as beeswax wrap for leftovers to cut down on single-use plastic.

2. Go stargazing

stargazingPhoto by Ryan Jacobson on UnsplashGazing up at the stars in the night sky is a truly romantic way to enjoy each other’s company, not to mention a fantastic way to disconnect for a while. Grab a few blankets so you can stay comfortable, put the phones away and take in the remarkable view—free of cost.

3. Head to a sustainable local winery or brewery

wineryPhoto by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on UnsplashLearn about sustainable techniques, sip on drinks together and snap some pretty pictures for your Insta. Be sure to check current safety protocols that may be in place before heading out. Cheers to a fun day!

4. Have a romantic farm-to-table dinner

dinnerPhoto by Edgar Castrejon on UnsplashCooking is an activity that definitely brings people closer together, and sitting down to eat a meal you both made from scratch is even better. Plan a menu with organic, local ingredients and pick out recipes you’ve never tried before to experience new flavours.

5. Go for a hike

nature hikePhoto by Niklas Weiss on UnsplashWhether it’s heading out for a day hike or for a few hours on a nearby trail, exploring the outdoors together is a fabulous way to discover nature’s hidden gems and get some exercise.

6. Participate in a park or beach clean-up

beachPhoto by Gabriel on UnsplashWe absolutely love this date idea because it’s an awesome way to make a difference in your community and creates a fulfilling experience. Plan a few hours in the day to pick up litter in your neighbourhood, or find out about a local group that you can volunteer with. No matter how much time you have, every bit counts!

7. Have a planting date

plantingPhoto by Sandie Clarke on UnsplashGet ready for some hands-on activity. Decorate some pots together with non-toxic paint, then head over to your local garden shop to get flowers and plants while your artistry dries. This is a colourful, creative date idea, plus you get to enjoy more greenery in your home.

8. Stroll through a farmers' market

farmers marketPhoto by Shelley Pauls on UnsplashWander through your local farmers' market and pick up some sustainable items and organic ingredients. It’s a fabulous way to support local vendors throughout the year, especially if you’re in need of some essentials for the home or need to purchase gifts for loved ones.

9. Go on a bike ride

bike ridePhoto by Christina Hawkins on UnsplashBreathe in the fresh air as you ride around the city or through your neighbourhood. It’s a zero-carbon footprint date idea, and truly one of the best ways to enjoy what nature has to offer.