It seems that green is most decidedly the new black. Eco-consciousness has permeated American culture, and a slew of eco-friendly businesses have cropped up in its wake. With American consumers embracing eco-friendly products at a faster rate than ever, now is the ideal time for entrepreneurs to jump headlong into this sea of green. Here are several promising eco business ideas for the budding entrepreneur.


Upcycled Fashion

Upcycling, defined as improving the quality of an otherwise useless material, is a buzzword in the eco-conscious scene. And the economics of this venture definitely work in the eco-preneur's favor. An upcycled fashion business is one of the most cost-effective eco business ideas. This is because it's easy and affordable to obtain the raw materials for upcycled fashions. Simply shop the bargains at garage sales and thrift shops. Then let your inner fashion designer loose. Cut the pieces apart and reuse the material or embellish the pieces in their original form to create fashion-forward, eco-friendly designs.

You can upcycle used materials into fashions ranging from slippers to handbags to evening gowns. And the best part is, consumers won't look at your fashion creations as used goods. They'll view them as new, chic, and most importantly, green. You can explore a variety of options for marketing your eco-friendly fashions. To start simply, try, the self-proclaimed "world's most vibrant handmade marketplace." Once you're generating cash flow and creating buzz for your brand via Etsy, step out with your own website. You may choose to continue as a web-only retailer, or you may want to consider opening a brick and mortar location. The sky's the limit in the world of upcycled fashion.

Green Party Planners

There are fewer eco business ideas more fun than that of a green party planner. From weddings to bar mitzvahs, Americans love to party. But many Americans are beginning to realize how much waste goes into a typical celebration.

Eco-conscious parties seek to let the good times roll without totally trashing the planet. As such, there is growing demand for green party planners. These planners must have the scoop on where to score the hippest, most unique green party goods. Whether this means disposable bamboo plates for a casual affair or recycled glassware for a more formal occasion, the green party planner offers innovative solutions for every party need. Green party planners often charge the same rates, or even more, than typical party planners. By simply marketing to an affluent, eco-conscious clientele and securing plenty of referrals, the green party planner can party her way to significant cash flow in a short period of time.

Green Cleaning Service

While other eco business ideas may be more glamorous, none is more essential than that of the green cleaning service. That's because Americans lead hectic lives, and many people simply don't have the time or energy to clean their own homes. However, these harried eco-conscious individuals don't want to compromise their health and safety in order to secure a cleaning service.

The vast majority of cleaning services use conventional cleaning products. In many cases, these toxic cleaning products do produce faster results, which is why most cleaning services rely on them. But many homeowners detest the idea of toxic cleaning agents lingering about their homes. They desire to marry the convenience of a cleaning service with the strength of their eco-conscious convictions. This is where the green cleaning service comes into the picture. Clients will certainly be willing to pay more for a service that not only keeps their home clean, but also keeps it healthy.

These are only a few of the many eco business ideas that show promise in today's market. There's never been a better time to be an eco-friendly business owner!