Instead of cluttering up Mom’s home with knickknacks she doesn’t want or need, give her one of these thoughtful eco-friendly presents

Mom might insist she doesn’t need anything other than good kids and a happy family for Mother’s Day, but go ahead and spoil her on May 9th anyway. There isn’t a mom in the world who couldn’t use a little extra pampering.

Here are 25 gift ideas for Mother's Day that are also kind to the planet...

  1. Get a VHS recording of a wedding, birthday, graduation or other special event digitized.
  2. Sleuth out her favourite sustainable, fair-trade chocolates, tea or coffee.
  3. Plan an outdoor adventure such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, ziplining, kayaking or strolling through a garden, based on her interests and fitness level (and keeping in mind your region’s current pandemic restrictions).
  4. Give the gift of relaxation with a subscription to a yoga or meditation app.
  5. Avoid buying cut flowers, which are often grown using pesticides and have to travel a long way. Instead, choose a living plant, especially a practical one: cilantro, oregano, parsley, chives, etc. If Mom has the opposite of a green thumb, select something easy to grow that requires minimal care, such as an aloe vera or jade plant. aloe veraPhoto by Galina N on Unsplash
  6. If you’re crafty, use recycled fabric or repurposed wool to sew or knit something new.
  7. Tackle the time-consuming job of scanning, organizing and labelling years’ worth of family photos, newspaper clippings or other mementos that currently exist only in paper format.
  8. Order some organic, ethical, non-GMO seeds for Mom’s garden.
  9. Load up her e-reader with a mix of classic books to reread and new books to discover.
  10. Bake Mom’s favourite cookies, cupcakes or other sweet treat. If baking isn’t your forte—or your mother lives on the other side of the country—then order from a bakery in her neighbourhood that delivers.cookies platePhoto by Nicolás Varela on Unsplash
  11. Make voice or video recordings of her children and grandchildren reading a story, reciting a poem, telling a joke or just saying how much they love her.
  12. Deliver a home-cooked meal, or order a meal from her favourite restaurant.
  13. Complete a dreaded chore (or hire someone to do it for you), such as cleaning out the gutters or hauling away junk from the garage.
  14. Get one of her beloved possessions cleaned, repaired or restored.
  15. Buy tickets to attend an online event together, and (if necessary) give a tutorial ahead of time on the required technology.
  16. Give her car a mini makeover by washing and vacuuming it, putting air in the tires (including the spare) and changing the oil. Also, replace any missing, broken or expired items from the emergency kit.
  17. Compile a family recipe book.
  18. Did your mom have a schoolgirl crush on Don Johnson, Marlon Wayans, Billy Zane, Richard Dreyfuss, James Van Der Beek or Chris Noth? Order a personalized video from one of her favourite stars on Cameo.
  19. Research your family’s history, and create a detailed family tree.
  20. Take her on a picnic, and plan out every little detail.picnicPhoto by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash
  21. Organize everything Mom needs for a soothing spa treatment at home: a non-toxic candle to set the mood, Epsom salts and essential oils for a relaxing aromatherapy bath, and a deep-conditioning hair mask made from common foods (one popular option is raw eggs—yolks for dry hair, egg whites for oily hair—and many folks with brittle or curly hair swear by the rejuvenating effects of plain butter). Make an easy DIY exfoliant using ingredients such as rolled oats, Greek yogurt and coconut oil. Load a smartphone or tablet with soothing music and perhaps even a guided meditation. Don’t forget the chilled cucumber water made with sliced cucumbers, lemon juice, a few sprigs of mint and lots of ice cubes.
  22. Give her computer an overhaul by running updates, organizing files, installing antivirus software and setting up an easy-to-use file-backup system.
  23. Track down a bottle of her favourite local wine or spirits.
  24. Get her bicycle ready for summer with a tune-up. While you’re at it, maybe add LED lights and a charmingly retro basket or bell.
  25. Write a sincere letter telling Mom how much you love basketPhoto by Alisa Anton on Unsplash