Sustainable gifts for the man who has everything

Does dear old Dad really need yet another tie—especially if he’s retired or has been working from home for the past year? On June 20th, give your father a thoughtful present that won’t just add clutter.

  1. Join Dad for a round at the nearest golf club. If mini golf is more his speed, head to the closest pitch and putt instead.
  2. Fill up a reusable glass growler from his favourite local brewery.
  3. Plan a day in the great outdoors. Depending on his fitness level (and the pandemic restrictions in your region), that could mean walking, cycling, swimming, boating, canoeing, whitewater rafting or a whole host of other alfresco adventures.
  4. Attend an online sports event, concert or comedy show together, and (if necessary) demonstrate ahead of time how to use the necessary technology.
  5. Make a batch of his favourite fudge, peanut brittle or other tasty confection. If you’re all thumbs in the kitchen, or you live far away, then order Dad’s favourite treat to be delivered from a local shop or restaurant.fudgePhoto by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash
  6. Finish a chore that has been on his to-do list for ages (or hire a service to complete the dreaded task), such as painting, repairing or hauling away something.
  7. If Dad’s facial hair is more Grizzly Adams than George Clooney, get him a zero-waste grooming kit complete with a stainless steel or brass safety razor, scissors, wooden comb and boar beard brush.
  8. Give Dad a subscription to an online streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max or ESPN+, and also set up all the remote controls and other equipment required to make it work seamlessly with his current entertainment system.
  9. Record his children and grandchildren saying something silly or sweet to their dear papa.
  10. Organize an outdoor meal, complete with tasty treats and fun games.outdoor meal bbq grillPhoto by Tom King on Unsplash
  11. Does your father idolize George Foreman, Roger Clemens, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sugar Ray Leonard or Chuck Norris? Visit Cameo to order a personalized video from his hero, or one of hundreds of other celebs.
  12. Track down his fave sustainable, fair-trade coffee, tea or chocolates.
  13. If Dad has a treasured VHS recording—perhaps of his wedding day, perhaps of one of his offspring scoring the winning point in a high school game—get that VHS tape digitized.
  14. Organize a day or even a full weekend of fishing and camping.
  15. If Dad has always wanted to learn how to build a cabinet, play guitar or bake a soufflé, sign him up for a class—and perhaps even take the class together.guitarPhoto by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash
  16. Cook his favourite meal from scratch, or order delivery from a resto.
  17. Get him a subscription to an audiobook service such as Audible.
  18. Compile an online photo album of some of his favourite photos, and ask other family members to contribute their snapshots.
  19. Restore a precious family heirloom, such as a grandfather clock or a pocket watch.
  20. If Dad appreciates the feeling of good old-fashioned paper and pen, and he has to write a lot, get him a classic (and endlessly refillable) fountain pen.
  21. Help him be a tourist in his own town by booking a walking tour geared toward his specific interests: architecture, food, breweries, etc.
  22. Plant a tree together.tree plantingPhoto by Amber Weir on Unsplash
  23. Write a heartfelt letter telling Dad how much you love him.