Here are some non-toxic options that will protect both your skin and the planet

Many sunscreen and tanning formulas contain chemicals, such as octinoxate and oxybenzone that can not only harm our body overtime, but also severely damage the ecosystem. With millions of people heading into the ocean each year, these products have become a known contributor to coral bleaching and can have a negative affect on the fertility of marine life.

This is why it’s important to support brands that are sustainable, reef-safe, and use natural ingredients that will keep you healthy. Plus, a number of these companies are taking their commitment to the environment even further and using recyclable and compostable packaging to cut down on single-use plastics. Now, we aren’t 100 percent there yet, so we encourage you to dispose your bottles properly to ensure you’re doing your part as well.

1. Mad Hippie Facial SPF 30

Mad Hippie Facial SPF 30This chemical-free formula contains zinc oxide, which is the safest and most natural physical blocking agent that doesn’t leave a white residue. It’s combined with antioxidant-rich ingredients, such as red raspberry seed oil, avocado oil and vitamin C that will nourish even the most sensitive skin and combat anti-aging.
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2. Goddess Garden Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30

Goddess Garden Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30Goddess Garden’s reef-safe sunscreen is biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free and free of synthetic fragrances. Ingredients such as aloe vera and sunflower oil help to keep the skin moisturized and soft. We also love that the product is packaged in a recyclable container.
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3. Badger Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 30

Badger Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 30Badger’s certified fair trade natural mineral sunscreen has a number of benefits for you and planet earth. Not only does it have great UVA and UVB protection, but it’s also reef-safe, cruelty-free, GMO-free and biodegradable. Also, it’s extremely lightweight, non-greasy and hypoallergenic thanks to ingredients like aloe vera and sunflower oil. Note, this specific formula is not water-resistant.
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4. Ao Organics Sunscreen Tin SPF 30

Ao Organics Sunscreen Tin SPF 30This Hawaiian brand creates eco-friendly, cruelty-free products with a handful of organic ingredients for all skin types. Packaged in a recyclable tin, this sunscreen is infused with coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E oil, as well as cacao powder to give you a little extra glow.
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5. People4Ocean Vegan Sunscreen SPF 50

People4Ocean Vegan Sunscreen SPF 50People4Ocean’s sunscreens were voted No. 1 in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020 for high standards in safety, ethics and sustainability. This vegan formula is reef-safe, lightweight, packed with essential oils, and can even be used on children three months and up. A dollar goes to reef conservation with every product purchased.
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6. Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen SPF 30

Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen SPF 30Here’s a fabulous pick if you like being active in the sun. Juice Beauty’s formula is water-resistant, and is filled with certified organic ingredients such as jojoba, aloe vera and coconut oil. It’s also reef-safe, child-safe and packaged in sustainable FSC paper.
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7. Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30

Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30Made with certified organic aloe vera, jojoba, green tea and more, this three-in-one product works as a sunscreen, facial moisturizer and makeup primer. There are no added preservatives, synthetic dyes or parabens—so you know your skin won’t be harmed. Make sure to save the canister once you run out, because all you have to do is purchase the eco-friendly insert to refill it. Talk about an all-round winner!
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8. EO Healing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

EO Healing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30EO Healing’s sunscreen is perfect for daily use, and is created with high-quality, natural ingredients such as turmeric oil, seabuckthorn oil and buriti oil that works to hydrate the skin. It’s also reef-safe, vegan, gluten-free, and the green plastic packaging is made from sugarcane.
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9. Apothecary Muse Sun Stick

Apothecary Muse Sun StickConsciously packaged, this sun stick is gentle on the skin and extremely travel-friendly. It’s infused with rose hip seed oil, jojoba, aloe, grape seed oil and many other soothing ingredients that are ethically sourced. We definitely recommend this product if you like spending long hours outside.
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10. Bali Body Cacao Tanning Oil

Bali Body Cacao Tanning OilBali Body has become a cult favourite when it comes to sun products, thanks to its commitment of using vegan, all-natural ingredients. This organic cacao tanning oil will give you a hydrating, long-lasting glow while keeping your skin nourished for days.
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11. Art Naturals Glow Tanning Oil

Art Naturals Glow Tanning OilIf you want to achieve a healthy-looking, shimmering bronze, then here is another winner. This product is chemical-free, simple to use, and has a subtle fragrance to it. We love that it's 100 percent non-greasy and infused with natural goodies such as coconut, safflower seed and olive oil. Plus, you can even spritz it on as a daily moisturizer.
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12. Sun Bum Tanning Oil

Sun Bum Tanning OilThis top-rated tanning oil is reef-friendly, hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free and enriched with argan, coconut and avocado oil to give your skin a healthy glow.
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13. Maui Babe Lotion

Maui Babe LotionInfused with coconut oil, this tanning lotion is gluten-free, paraben-free and a fabulous all-natural option if you want to soak in the sun safely. Plus, it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins, aloe vera, and Kona coffee among other ingredients that work to keep your skin extra soft.
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