Two Chinese Skyscrapers that Will Clean the Air
Jul 8, 2014
The town of Wuhan, China has announced that they will not only be aiming to take away the record for tallest tower, but that their two planned towers will actually be able to clean the polluted lake and air that...
Innovation & Concepts
Warka Water Invention Solves a Water Crisis by Harnessing Nature
Jun 21, 2014
The 2014 UN World Water Development Report states "there are no data to suggest an overall improvement in water quality" on our planet. Therefore, it's critical that sustainable, affordable, water harvesting inventions are made available for our growing global population.
Innovation & Concepts
Tesla Cut a Wide Swath for the Electric Car Industry
Jun 14, 2014
On June 12th, the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk announced that all of Tesla's patents were released into the public domain. In order to fast track manufacturing in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla made this grand gesture to "attract...
Transportation Technology
Ontario Eradicates Traditional Coal-Burning for Power (Ahead of Schedule)
Jun 11, 2014
Worldwatch Institute has made it clear that a worldwide effort to phase-out coal is not only possible - it's necessary. About eight months ahead of the target date, Ontario's Ministry of Energy announced that the burning of coal, as an...
Energy Infrastructure
Silent Rooftop Wind Turbine Inspired by Nature: A Game Changer?
Jun 9, 2014
Wind energy is obtainable almost anywhere on earth and is a permanent source of clean energy. Common challenges for wind farms have been energy conversion rates, noise, danger to birds, and land availability. Recently, The Archimedes (located in Rotterdam, the...
Energy Infrastructure
Save the Planet and Solve Poverty: Demand Shrilk or Recycled Ocean Plastic
May 31, 2014
With over 300 million tons of new petroleum-based plastic produced every year and only 10% of it being recycled, our earth is in dire need of drastic environmental solutions. After researching a completely biodegradable plastic invented by Harvard scientists and...
Innovation & Concepts
Is This The Highway To The Future?
May 30, 2014
There’s a new buzz-phrase out there that’s caught the public imagination, that’s striking a chord with anyone with an environmental conscience who can dare to dream big: Solar Roadways.
Innovation & Concepts
Fungi Used to Clean Contaminated Soil
May 27, 2014
It seems that the future for cleaning away soil contaminates left by industrial waste lies with the mushrooms, or more specifically, a common fungus called white rot. New research shows that this fungus that usually just helps decay fallen trees...
Ecological Restoration
Innovative Pizza Box Inventions and Where Used Boxes Go: Recycling Bin, Compost, or Yard Waste
May 21, 2014
Just when I was feeling good about recycling cardboard, I found out that any section of soiled cardboard on a pizza box can ruin a whole batch of recycled paper. In fact, many recycling centers have employers just remove all...
Innovation & Concepts
Scotland Providing Guidance to Wind Farm to Advocated Protection of Birds
May 13, 2014
This is a world of cause and effect; one cannot do an action without causing a ripple which affects something else. Currently, the world is desperately seeking alternative energy sources to help keep this planet living and liveable. However, while...
Energy Infrastructure
One Million New Solar Lights Are Now Shining In Africa
May 7, 2014
SolarAid is celebrating a major milestone: Its millionth solar light in Africa. This not only means that over six million people are now benefitting from free renewable power, it sets the foundations for an emerging solar market that will provide access...
Energy Infrastructure
El Hierro -The Island Powered 100 Percent by Renewable Energy
May 6, 2014
El Hierro is the smallest of Spain's Canary Islands and is showcasing the possibilities of renewing energy by putting them on display. El Hierro is set to become the first landmass in the world that is fully energy self-sufficient when...
Energy Infrastructure
Going Dutch Doesn’t Mean Doing Solar Energy By Halves
Apr 30, 2014
As in previous years, the Dutch solar market has grown significantly in 2013. During the past year more than 100,000 solar panels were installed on new roofs, bringing the total number close to 200,000. This means that the total power of...
Energy Infrastructure
France in the Process of Moving Away from Nuclear Power
Apr 29, 2014
France is one of the most nuclear power dependent countries in the world; however it looks like times are changing. The French government is looking to steer their country away from nuclear dependency and encourage a focus on alternative energy...
Energy Infrastructure
EPA Proposes the Largest Clean Up in the Organization's History
Apr 15, 2014
The Environmental Protection Agency has a new plan that will protect people's health, the environment and benefit riverfront communities. The new plan proposed by the EPA is to remove 4.3 million cubic yards of sediment from the lower eight miles...
Ecological Restoration
The Future of Tropical Power Lays Under the Sea in Seaweed
Apr 3, 2014
Scientists have raised a new and ambitious way to wrestle the world hold from fossil fuels. This new idea involves harvesting the seaweed forests under the ocean as well as sustainably farming them then feeding the matter into a large...
Energy Infrastructure
Fiji: ‘Solar Granny’ Flicks Village’s Energy Switch
Mar 31, 2014
Having installed solar power into the 60 homes in her village, ‘solar granny’, Lautani Nabua of Waikubukubu Village in Tavua, has taken her green initiative a step further by sharing her skills on solar-electrification with the local women and youths. “There...
Energy Infrastructure
The Galveston Oil Spill Threatening Bird Refuge
Mar 27, 2014
In Galveston Bay off the coast of Texas, a barge spilled more than 168,000 gallons of oil in the waters on Saturday, March 22nd after colliding with another ship in the Houston Ship Channel. While this spill is smaller than...
Ecological Restoration
Big Ben Getting a Solar Upgrade
Mar 13, 2014
The United Kingdom Parliamentary is turning their attentions inward to the parliamentary estate in effort to complete their ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34 percent by 2020. The House of Commons is looking up at the iconic...
Energy Infrastructure
Bats Serve as Inspiration for New 'Micro Air Vehicles'
Feb 20, 2014
Bats---terrifying to some, but now they may be the inspiration to a new mode of flight. Researchers at Virginia Tech have been exploring how bats fly by flapping their wings and are now applying that knowledge towards the design process...
Innovation & Concepts
Hydrogen Cars to Begin Rolling Out This Spring
Feb 18, 2014
For a long time electric and plug-in cars have been thought to be the only plausible and efficient alternative to conventional fossil fuel cars. Nearly all of the world's car makers have rolled out some sort of hybrid car and...
Transportation Technology
Sea Shepherd's New Vortex Project Aims to Turn Ocean Plastic into Sustainable Fashion
Feb 13, 2014
Usually the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has their hands full protecting whales from Japanese hunting boats or documenting the carnage at the infamous Taiji Cove. However, while they will still be dedicated to protecting marine life until there is no...
Innovation & Concepts
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