How Tidal Energy Works
As the world searches for alternatives to oil, the use of tidal energy may be a viable solution. Tidal energy or tidal power is a form of hydropower. It converts the energy of tides into electricity and other forms of...
Energy Infrastructure
Portable Solar Panels - Environmentally Friendly and Extremely Convenient
Portable solar panels may be used to charge a variety of technological devices. Portable solar devices may be used while traveling. The device may be used as a back up when you cannot reach an outlet or may be used...
Innovation & Concepts
Top 10 Bizarre Green Concepts
Green innovations and technology have come a long way in the past few years. Some of these innovations that have come out of the green movement are odd or simply unbelievable. Some of these are real, and others are merely...
Innovation & Concepts
What Will Future Green Technology Look Like?
Environmentally friendly technologies are advancing each day. More companies are switching to eco-friendly models and developing products that work through a variety of alternative energies. Laptops are being made from recycled materials, while electronics are able to work with solar...
ZR Zero, the Most Green Car
People are about to find out just how long it takes a battery-powered car to travel roughly 16,000 miles, i.e., the entire length of the Pan American Highway. At this point, officials are unsure how long exactly it may take,
Transportation Technology
A (Bio)Plastic for the Future
Where can you go without seeing plastic? It is all around us: in bottles, in wrapping, in tables and chairs, cup lids, cars, computers and cell phones, the unavoidable, non-biodegradable reality of modern existence. News stories of plastic invading the...
Green Goes Cool with MIT's Green Wheel
The obstacle to creating a successful motorized bicycle apparatus is not the mechanics; it is the marketing. No matter how high-tech a motorized propulsion system is, it will be ignored and abhorred by consumers if it retains the same dumpy,
Transportation Technology
Belatedly Striding into Adolescence - Compressed-Air Powered Vehicles
In desperate need for energy, society glugs billions of liters of petroleum and blasts thousands of mountains for their precious coal reservoirs. It has a penchant for ignoring innovative ideas that run against its overbearing petro-based structure. But undeterred by...
Transportation Technology
A Solution to Vampire Electronics, the Zero Charger
Within the United Stated, the amount of electricity flowing through internal as well as external adapters is almost 470 kWh (12 percent of the annual electricity consumption every year). Most users of cell phone users plug their charger into any...
Innovation & Concepts
Hydrogenase, Airship of the Future?
In twenty to thirty years, eco-responsible transportation issues will be confronted by designers, researchers, architects, and specialists that hope to discover an environmentally driven course of action. Pollution is soaring to new heights, and innovative thinkers will be forced to...
Innovation & Concepts
Moving Towards a Gas-Free Future
This is the Tesla Model S. Pundits laud it as the rescuer of the automotive industry, and ecologists rave over the redemption of smoggy skies. Not only will it deliver U.S. auto manufacturers from the bottom of aficionado's Top...
Transportation Technology
The Evolution of the Electric Car
Scottish inventor Robert Anderson and American Thomas Davenport both claim recognition as the initial creator of the electric automobile in the 1830s. A host of other innovators vie for first, including Dutch Sidbrandus Stratingh, American Christopher Becker, and Hungarian Anyos...
Transportation Technology
12 Biofuel Facts
As oil approaches, and threatens to surpass, the $100 per barrel mark, many consumers are wondering if there are any viable alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives; one of the best alternative...
Energy Infrastructure
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