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Global Warming reduces Phytoplankton productivity
We often think about the issue of global warming in terms of its effects on the polar ice caps, its role in changing or destroying sensitive animal habitats, or its known penchant for altering historical weather patterns. Few seem to...
Top 5 Places to Find New Species
You might be surprised to learn that we have been discovering new species around the world every year. There are a number of environments that have yet to be explored and within each unexplored territory, there are unbeknownst species that...
The Price of an Oil Spill
When it comes to oil spills, it's hard to separate the heart of the matter from the hype. While there's no debate about the fact that oil spills are, you know, a bad thing, there is plenty of disagreement about...
Ozone Layer Facts
A few ozone layer facts could help people to realize what it does for us and why we need so desperately for it to stay intact. Despite attempts to reduce the effects of chemicals and pollution on the ozone layer,
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