Waste not, want not.
Credit: creativecommons.org/Nick Saltmarsh

A recent report by the United Nations has shockingly revealed that one third of the world's food goes to waste annually. 

This comes at both a huge economic and environmental cost, and is not only a worldwide concern – but a concern in your own home. Think of all the money that you could save by finding ways to cut food waste and help the environment.

Here are just a few ways that can help your household save the planet and a few cents…

1. Reinvent Leftovers

No one wants to eat the same thing two days in a row, which is why so many leftovers find their way into the trash bin. Instead of eating what has already been made, find a way to reinvent your leftovers. Make something the next day in which you can use those leftovers in. What was a fajita one day can be can be stir fry the next.

2. Make A Meal Plan

This is a top tip for frugal shoppers who want to save money, but it can also apply to environmentally kind shoppers who don't want to waste. Instead of ravaging the grocery store all willy-nilly, make a smart meal plan before you head to the store. You only need half an onion for a meal? Then plan another meal that will use the other half. This will really make an impact on how much food goes to waste, as you will only really be buying what you need.

3. Preserve The Produce

Trying to use all of your fresh ingredients right away will just burn out your taste buds and you will end up with a lot of waste. Try freezing your fresh produce or throwing the scraps into a pot to make some vegetable stock instead.

4. Portion Control

Most people get squeamish about saving these leftovers that has already been on a plate, so they just throw them away. To try to cut down on this particular type of waste by exercising portion control – even if you aren’t trying to lose weight. Take a little at first, and then go back for seconds or thirds if you are still hungry. This way, you won't end up with extras that you want to throw away and you can be a proud member of the clean plate club.

5. Give It To The Garden 

Unfortunately, some food waste is just plain unavoidable. But instead of just throwing it away, dig a hole in your garden, bury the waste, and it will imbue the soil with great nutrients for the next planting season.