Travelling to Hawaii soon and want to add some sustainable shopping to your itinerary?

Then definitely pay a visit to Keep It Simple, a charming zero-waste boutique in Waikiki. Keep It Simple has two locations currently, and their Waikiki shop is their second and latest one.

The shop provides high-quality health, kitchen and beauty products with minimal packaging, all from local and small businesses. Their zero-waste system allows customers to bring their own containers and fill up on products, eliminating the need for plastic packaging, and offering customers a discount in the process.Keep it Simple Waikiki Beach WalkWaikiki Beach WalkThe shop is located on Lewers Street, a bustling area in the heart of Waikiki surrounded by hotels, restaurants and boutiques. Founders Hunter and Jill opened the Waikiki location of Keep It Simple in 15 days, documenting their journey on their YouTube channel.

Once you’ve brought in your containers, simply weigh and label your goods, purchasing just what you need. Choose from a selection of eco-friendly cleaning supplies to personal care products, including shampoos, soaps, body washes and more.

The next time you’re enjoying the sun in Waikiki, don’t forget to pay this cozy and sustainable shop a visit!