Dogs and the environment go hand in hand (or should we say paw in paw?), as we all want our furry friends to be able to live their best life in the great outdoors

Dogs should be able to chew on all the sticks they please, swim in plastic-free waters and traverse across pristine landscapes like the joyful free spirits they are. In honour of dogs, the environment and adventure, Vancouver-based animal lovers Anisa Musmary and Paul Irwin have designed a brand of dog accessories made from recycled and sustainable materials, allowing us to gear up our dogs with minimal impact on the environment.

The affectionately named Wanderruffwith the tagline "Good Dogs, Doing Good"—offers leashes, collars and harnesses that are as durable as they are eco-friendly. The brand merges comfort and consciousness, using recycled consumer plastics or sustainable, recyclable materials to create high-quality accessories that are sold individually and in handy walk kits. Coming in a range of colour combinations and sizes to fit all sizes of pooches, these accessories will have your pet prancing around as the most eco-conscious pup on the block.wanderruff dog

Wanderruff is celebrating becoming the latest brand to join the Nine Point Agency Incubator Program, which assists in the growth and success of small and emerging Canadian brands. Another impressive highlight on the company’s resumé is being a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1 percent of all sales to social and environmental causes. Consumers can feel good knowing that their dollars are going to worthy causes as well as keeping their dogs environmentally friendly.

The company has also partnered with Pacific Parklands Foundation, which helps to look after the many Metro Vancouver parks that Wanderruff’s “chief canine officer” Norman enjoys playing in.

While us humans must do our best to put our most sustainable foot forward, Wanderruff gives our canine friends the opportunity to do the same. We are always looking for new eco-minded companies to support—and Wanderruff is a win for lovers of adventure, the outdoors and of course, our beloved pups.