The pandemic might have halted travel for the time being, but Vancouver photographer Danielle Henderson wants to help you transform your home into a tropical escape

Danielle Henderson is the founder of Neutral Shade, an eco-friendly rattan furniture brand inspired by the concept of hygge, a state of being content in the present moment.

“I love home decor and have always been drawn to ‘neutral shades’, unique textures and bold design,” says Henderson, “I was interested in the mix between European and Australian trends, so I looked at what was currently missing in that space.”rattan furniture 2neutral shadeShe specifically noticed a gap in the rattan trend in her hometown of Chilliwack, B.C. “You can’t really get rattan furniture here, but you see it in all the magazines!”

Each neutral shade piece is ethically handmade in Java, Indonesia, and comes with sustainable packaging that feels like you’re purchasing a piece of art.

Rattan is known for its durability, effortless style and potential to work with almost any design aesthetic. It’s also the perfect way to add natural, sustainable elements to your home. As a material, rattan doesn’t require the cutting of trees for harvesting, making it great for the environment as it keeps forests intact.

“Rattan is an incredible material because it’s very sturdy and can withstand most weather conditions,” says Henderson, “Some of the most beautiful luxury interiors in the world feature rattan pieces, as they instantly inspire a tropical paradise vibe.”

Henderson adds that while wicker and rattan used to be considered ‘old school’, the trend is making a comeback because of how well it blends with contemporary design. As each piece of rattan furniture is unique, it instantly feels like a focal point in a space.

Despite launching during COVID-19, Henderson says going the e-commerce route has worked out well. “With people spending more time at home these days, there is a greater demand to love the space you are in. We hope neutral shade is able to assist with that!”tribeca tableneutral shade