Popular Tourist Villa Joins Forces With Turtle Conservation Project To Appeal For Crowdfunding

turtle 6Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Today is World Turtle Day, and to celebrate, the Aussie-owned villa in Galle, Sri Lanka, is helping to bring attention to the country’s Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project.

turtle 1Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project

The collaboration between Templeberg Villa and Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project (KSTC Project) aims to raise awareness about turtle conservation by encouraging people from all over the globe to pledge funds towards turtle conservation.

turtle 5Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project

The conservation project, which commenced in 1988, aims to conserve sea turtle nesting sites and buy back turtle eggs would otherwise end up for sale in local markets.

A decade after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami wiped out the KSTC Project's hatchling centre –when 200 adult sea turtles disappeared – the hatchery facility has been lovingly rebuilt. With the help of volunteers, it is once again breeding sea turtles and restoring their natural beach habitat.

turtle 4Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project

"Since 1988, the project has released more than 10,000 turtles into their natural environment,” explained project founder and tsunami survivor, Dudley Perera. “The KSTC Project takes particular pride in its contributions to Sri Lanka's biodiversity.”

Perera, a native of Kosgoda, began working with turtles straight out of school, funding the project with his own money. He spent five years developing the project before winning a scholarship to study conservation of sea animals in South Korea in 1993, during which he left the KSTCP in the care of his friends and family.

turtle 3Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Dudley is passionate about the welfare and future of turtles in Sri Lanka and passing his knowledge and enthusiasm onto locals and visitors alike.

Templeberg Villa's partnership with the project fulfils a responsibility felt by its owners, Brent Carey and Christopher Shields, to the Sri Lankan environment.

"Partnering with the KSTC Project and investing in its biodiversity program, particularly in its turtle hatchling efforts, is a logical way for Templeberg Villa to make a contribution," added Carey. "Many conservation efforts in developing countries such as Sri Lanka rely heavily on grassroots activities and the support of private donations. Every dollar counts.”

To sponsor the KSTC Project visit www.wildlifevolunteercrowdfunding.com.