Surrounded by turquoise lagoons and coral reefs, the Bawah Reserve in Indonesia is a haven for sustainable travellers looking for a tropical escape

This previously uninhabited marine conservation area is sheltered in the remote Anambas Archipelago, located northeast of Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of adventure or a place to unwind, this spot offers some of the best in sustainable luxury. Their ethos is to “protect and enhance the environmental value of the islands and surrounding marine environment, empowering and enabling the development of local communities on neighbouring islands”.Bawah ReserveBawah ReserveThe islands of Bawah are ecologically important due to the presence of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, coral reefs that support a wide variety of marine life, and mangroves between the terrestrial and marine environments. Since Bawah is so remote, it has its own independent ecosystem, with the mangroves playing a crucial role in stabilizing and supporting the biodiversity of the island.

Bawah ReserveBawah ReserveAt the resort, rainwater is collected from the roofs of buildings, and carefully stored for later use, while drinking water is created using a desalination plant. This plant removes salt and other impurities from seawater and works using reverse osmosis, micro filtration and nano filtration.

Sustainability can be found in even simple details. On their pillows, guests will find a handmade blue and green bag made by local families that holds natural, vegan friendly products for guests to use during their stay.Bawah ReserveBawah ReserveThe resort also offers reef-friendly sunscreen, as standard sunscreen people can greatly damage coral reefs. Furthermore, guests are provided with a copper bottle for drinking water on arrival, which they can refill during their stay, to help avoid the use of plastic bottles altogether.