When it comes to incorporating sustainability into your day-to-day life, every little action makes a difference. Like say, ditching single-use products and swapping them out for something reusable. That’s where RUUM comes in

RUUM is an eco-friendly kitchenware brand that aims to minimize the amount of waste typically created when cooking, including aluminum foil, parchment paper, packaging, and of course, food. The brand offers sheet trays and sets that make it easy—and fun—to meal prep, bake and store food, all on the same pans.

In addition to being 100 percent food-grade platinum silicone and BPA-free, the cooking trays are also microwave- and dishwasher-safe, non-stick and come with a lid for a quick storage option. Silicone is not only very durable, it is also non-toxic, BPA-free and does not leech harmful chemicals into food. It has been proven to be the safest alternative to plastic, and much better for our health and the planet than its plastic counterparts.RUUM BAKEWARE trayRUUMRUUM’s founder Linda launched the business in February 2021, designing and planning the business all through COVID while working. “The first product we launched was the RUUM trays for cooking and storing,” she says. “The kitchen is often the most wasteful place in a home, from wasted food, containers, packaging with plastics, styrofoam, metal and cardboard. I saw these issues growing up in an Asian household and decided that I can do something to change the way we cook and store in the kitchen by creating one item that can do it all.”ruum bakeware brandingRUUMFor those looking to jumpstart their journey into being more eco-conscious, Linda adds that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to living sustainably. Whether you bring your own shopping bags to the store, plan meals so food isn’t wasted, there are plenty of small choices you can make each day to make a difference to the planet.

“Always bring a drinking bottle you can easily refill, keep reusable bags in the car so you use them on short notice, and freeze ingredients so you can use them again later.”

In the near future, RUUM hopes to bring in even more eco-friendly products as well as start a green initiative of planting trees for each purchase in order to support ongoing efforts to protect natural lands and the species they sustain.