These 10 cities were ranked the best places to cycle in the USA

Cycling has seen a major uptick in popularity during the pandemic. Not only is it an easy and green way to get around, it’s also a great workout and unique way to tour a city. And beyond the initial cost of buying or renting a bicycle, basic gear and upkeep, it’s free!

According to a ranking by LawnStarter, here are the best cities to cycle in America this year...

1. San Francisco, CA

San FranciscoPhoto by Jared Lisack on UnsplashThe West Coast is a clear win when it comes to biking cities in the USA. There was a six-way tie (!!!) between cities in California with the most miles of bike lanes. In San Francisco, cyclists can expect strenuous routes with stunning views, smooth pavement in separate bike lanes and greener streets to enjoy fresh air while pedalling.

2. Portland, OR

Portland biking cityPhoto by Zachary Keimig on UnsplashCalled the USA’s safest city, Portland is perfect for biking—as is the rest of the Pacific Northwest. According to the Portland Bureau of Transport, six percent of commuters travel to work by bicycle, making it the American city with the highest number of people who cycle to work. Due to urban developments, the city has earned many “bicycle-friendly” awards.

3. Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins Colorado bikeRichard Haro/Visit Fort Collins, ColoradoColorado is a haven for outdoor adventurers, so it makes sense this is a top-rated place to get out on two wheels. (It’s also rated as one of the best places to live in America!). There are more than 285 miles of bike trails with flat terrain, and some of the best mountain biking trails imaginable. The city also has an e-bike share program called Spin, accessible for visitors through an app. 

4. Eugene, OR

Eugene OregonEugene, OregonKnown for its well-kept parks, lush greenery and environmental-focus, Eugene has world-class biking infrastructure. You’ll find 46 miles of shared-use paths, 187 miles of on-street bicycle lanes, 71 miles of signed bikeways/greenways and seven bicycle-pedestrian bridges. There’s even an employee benefits program called the Federal Bike Credit that rewards employees for cycling to work!

5. Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis bikePhoto by Jackson Simmer on UnsplashThe Mississippi River as well as numerous parks and lakes make Minneapolis a surprisingly awesome outdoor destination. The city has 98 miles of bike lanes, including 16 miles of on-street protected bicycle lanes, and 101 miles of off-street bikeways and trails. Looking for a place to start? Head to the Midtown Greenway, a 5.5-mile former railroad that will make cycling a breeze. 

6. Seattle, WA

Seattle bikePhoto by Mafer Benitez on UnsplashCan you go wrong with ocean views, craft beer and fish ‘n chips along the way? Seattle has a plethora of options for those looking to get out on two wheels. It’s similar to Washington’s northerly neighbour, Vancouver, British Columbia, where biking lanes follow the ocean along epic Stanley Park, crossing beautiful bridges into North Vancouver, flanked by mountains. 

7. Washington, DC

Washington DC bikePhoto by Viviana Rishe on UnsplashInfrastructure has influenced the rankings, putting Washington seventh on the list. Washington, D.C. has the fourth highest share of bike commuters and the second-best bike score in the country. Hot days kept it lower on the list, while pollution and cold knocked New York City off it completely.

8. Salt Lake City, UT

UtahPhoto by Chase Lewis on UnsplashWith some of the most scenic roads and parks in the country, it’s no surprise that Utah is on this top 10 list. Coming in eighth, Salt Lake City is known for being the capital and most populated city in Utah. There are family-friendly and mountain biking routes, so you can find the road or trail that matches your skill level.

9. Boise, ID

Boise, Idaho bikePhoto by Jay Miller on UnsplashInland, you’ll find a mecca for bikers, including a strong cycling culture and specific infrastructure. There are a ton of options for those who love street-cycling, such as the Boise Greenbelt and Discovery Park. Those wanting to test their tricks and skills should head to the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation Bike Park.

10. Boston, MA

bostonPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on UnsplashOne of the most bike-friendly states in the country, Massachusetts boasts about 1.2 million cyclers each year. Boston has worked hard to upgrade infrastructure, create bicycle tracts and founding a bicycle-sharing program, one of the first in the country. Safety initiatives and youth programs aim to get more people in Boston outside on two wheels.