Green up your holiday greetings this season

There’s very little that’s as heartfelt as receiving a tangible letter during the holidays. With everything gone digital, a personalized card says that you slowed down and really thought about that person during this busy time. Whether you’re looking for a chance to show off your family photos, share some beautiful art or grow a garden together, there’s a sustainable card option with your name on it.

1. Photo cardsPaper Culture

Paper Culture allows you to show off your new family photos while also making a purchase for the planet. Not only do they plant a tree with every order where reforestation is most needed, but they also source sustainable materials and offset their carbon footprint. Your holiday cards will look good, but they’ll do good too.

You can share your beautiful new photos through Basic Invite, another wonderful photo card company working to do better in the industry. The company prints paper products that are FSC-certified, which means they are manufactured responsibly and reduce harm to the environment. Not all of their photo card options are recycled, so if you want the most sustainable choice, opt for a recycled paper at checkout.

2. Plantable cardsBotanical PaperworksBotanical Paperworks

Foreverfiancés gives the gift of a future flower garden through their plantable cards. Each is made from 100 percent recycled paper while using organic seeds and watercolours with nature in mind. These beautiful and artisanal cards go beyond words; once planted, these flowers can last a lifetime.

Botanical Paperworks is another stunning plantable card company which offers flower, herb and vegetable seed cards. Their mission is to spread beauty and reduce waste by sharing biodegradable seed paper made from post-consumer material. Each year, they ship enough seeds to provide a blooming natural habitat for bees, butterflies and birds that could cover all of North America!

3. Artisan cards

Etsy/PaperCanoePrintShopEtsy/PaperCanoePrintShopEtsy is filled with artisan card creators who, as small makers, have control over their entire process. Companies like PaperCanoePrintShop bring dainty artwork and sustainability together through their nature-inspired drawings on EnviroStock, which contains 100 percent post-consumer fibre and is manufactured using renewable biogas energy. Overall the entire platform holds beautiful works of art, so you can choose a card that’s just your style and one that checks off all your sustainability boxes.

Quilling Card is passionate about Fair Trade and preserving the art of quilling (rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls and arranging them to form elegant filigree*). They work with female artisans in Vietnam, allowing them freedom and flexibility in their work schedules. Quilling Card provides a valuable income, a safe working environment and also works with community members who live with disabilities and provides them with an income and capacity to work on a schedule that best suits them.


Remember that “snail mail” takes a little more time than a digital message (especially if shipping cross-country or overseas). Grab your cards sooner than later and get them to your friends and family long before you get swept up in the chaos of the holiday season.