These sustainable bedding companies will help you drift off to sleep with a clear conscience

I was always taught not to skimp out on quality shoes and quality sheets, and as an adult I finally understand why. There is no better feeling than crawling into the coziest sheets after a long day. We spend a large part of our lives in bed, so why not invest?

Good bedding will not only last you and keep you cozy throughout the winter, but these sustainable fabrics are also known to keep you cool in the summer. Most of them require low-to-no wash, which saves you time, money and also water and resources.

There are many other brands that have been featured for making sustainable linens, but these are my personal recommendations. As always, do a deep dive and research which brand is best for your body, your sleep habits and needs, and throw in a little thought for the planet.

Get ready for a good night's sleep... 


1. Dazed But Amazed

Dazed But AmazedDazed But AmazedLinen has the potential to last up to two to three decades before needing to be replaced, so these are really going to give you your bang for your buck. Dazed but Amazed brings all of the linen softness you need, plus they become softer with every wash. Not to mention their dreamy vintage-inspired colours will make you want to spend all day in bed.

Material: Linen
Sourced in France, oeko Tex certified dyed in Australia
Cost: $136 + CAD


2. Resthouse Sleep Solutions Ltd.

Resthouse Sleep Solutions Ltd.Resthouse Sleep SolutionsResthouse Sleep Solutions stocks organic sheets, comforters and clean mattresses, which make it a one-stop shop for your bedding needs. They list their partners on their site, which makes it easy to check the transparency of their ethical practices.

Material: Cotton, wool
Made in the US and Canada
Cost: $118 + CAD


3. Flax Sleep

Flax SleepFlax SleepDesigned by three friends who have a deep love for linen, Flax Sleep has all the comfort and sustainability of linen supported by the backbone of female entrepreneurship. They say it best in their “why linen?” section, where they list the beautiful qualities of linen: hypoallergenic, antibacterial, less water and energy to produce, warm yet cool, less static, and no damp feels.

Material: Linen
Made in Lithuania, Guangdong, China and Vilnius
Cost: $260+ CAD


4. YoHome

YoHomeFacebook/YoHomeBamboo has many of the same benefits that linen has, but its added soothing features make these sheets from YoHome a great choice for those living with sensitivity issues like eczema. You can find bamboo sheets in many larger stores, but it’s important to make sure they're organic and not chemically treated bamboo. Bamboo is an amazing material because it’s the fastest growing plant in the world, and uses less water, so it's uber productive while also going easy on mama earth.

Material: Bamboo
Made in Australia
Cost: $139+ CAD


5. Natura Wool Comforter

NaturaNatura Wool ComforterFinding an unbleached, non-polyester coated or filled duvet is a challenge, but if you’re open to wool, the Natura duvet is a great choice. For those with intolerances or who are prone to itchiness, not to worry! The outer cover is coated in either pima cotton, organic cotton or unbleached cotton to give you all the benefits of wool without the itch. These comforters are temperature regulated, ideal for year-round use, and the organic ones don’t even need to be washed. You just hang them out to air out and voilà! Less laundry done and water used.

Material: Wool and Pima Cotton
Made in Canada
Cost: $219+ CAD


6. Alma Green Design

Alma GreenAlma Green DesignAlma Green Design makes a big deal about the importance of circular and sustainable production, and has even included recycled cotton materials in their process. You can read all about their mission on their site, and while you’re at it, take a look at their gorgeous colour offerings that will make you want to fall into bed over and over again. Plus, their branding is wholesome and transparent.

Material: Organic cotton, denim
Made in Spain
Cost: $200+ CAD