More and more species of animals are becoming endangered and then extinct. This is caused by many man-made problems including, humans using machines that let out harmful gases that pollute the air. These gases have created global warming. Global warming isn't just killing the atmosphere but also the animal kingdom and man. Global warming is melting the ice killing polar bears, seals and more. Global warming is also decreasing the amount of oxygen in the air we humans breathe.

Polar Bears

Another cause of animal extinction is humans taking animals habitats away to create buildings, factories, houses, farms and more. This has caused animals to flee to the cities for food most likely ending up for them to get put down. Many animals have starved with less land, food or space to live, sleep and hunt. Many people have helped to save the animals but it isn't quite enough. Ways to help are simple:

  • Donate money to animal help charities.
  • Eat fish that is dolphin catch safe.
  • Make sure you don't waste food. (If meat would be like throwing out that animal that was killed so you could eat.)
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. (Reducing means reduce the amount of waste you throw out. Reuse means reuse things that otherwise would have been thrown out. Recycle means you take to recycling centre or put into recycle bin things like bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.)
  • Car pool, walk, take the bus or bike to get where you need to go.

Just do something.