People are about to find out just how long it takes a battery-powered car to travel roughly 16,000 miles, i.e., the entire length of the Pan American Highway. At this point, officials are unsure how long exactly it may take, but luckily interested individuals only have to wait a little while longer until the big day. The Racing Green Endurance team has created the ZR Zero, most green car, which was created directly from a college in London. The radical SR will be converted to a ZR Zero, an entirely electric racecar, and when the process is conducted correctly, a monstrous powertrain will emerge: a ZR Zero with the ability to be not only the most green car, but it will also satisfy the appetites of those wanting the overall explosive racing experience highlighted by butterflies and salivation.

ZR Zero

What better place to showcase the new ZR Zero then at the world’s longest highway; this event promises to bring smiles to just about everyone involved and witnessing the spectacle. Although, there was a Zero Emissions Race, which was supposed to take place earlier; with a trajectory around the world in eighty days, the idea was exciting until this most recent event got into the blood of its developers. The elite team was meant to participate in Zero Emissions Race for sure, but evidently the ZR Zero, the most green car and its elaborate journey has supplanted the previous plan.

Some of the most dramatic landscapes will be traversed by the most green car (ZR Zero), e.g., the road through Ushuaia, Argentina, all the way into Prudhoe Bay, and the trail will light sparks into the imagination of everyone involved. One has to consider the very real climate issues that the driver of the ZR Zero, the most green car, will surely face, for a vast array of changes will be at just about every twist, jump, and turn.

It may be useful to turn briefly to the construction of the ZR Zero, the most green car that can still retain the speed and excitement of a standard racecar. In the best case scenario, the ZR Zero should be able to achieve speeds in the neighborhood of 242 MPH, with a range of about 53 kWh’s of battery, which was generously provided for the ZR Zero by Thunder Sky. If the driver feels that speed is a necessity, quite possibly the ZR Zero, the most green car that still maintains its fascination among racing fans alike, will be able to reach speeds by harnessing strength from the 500 HP coming form the twin motors. Basically, the vehicle should be able to reach speeds of sixty MPH in about seven seconds. When considering the essence of the cockpit in the ZR Zero, the most green car in its class, or perhaps the only one in its class, the cockpit is relatively open, so it may make sense for the driver to bring some beastly mittens, sunscreen, and equally as important, some elite rain gear.