Pela Case is on a mission to create a waste-free future and keep your phone safe at the same time

Founded by Jeremy Lang, Pela is the world’s first compostable phone case brand, meaning that once you’re done with it, you can safely throw it into a backyard compost!

Yang was inspired to create Pela after seeing the damage plastic was doing to the oceans while on a family vacation in Hawaii in 2008.

“I started Pela when my son Cole dug up some plastic on the beach in Hawaii and I started wondering about the impact of plastics on our planet,” says Yang, “I just want to make sure that I do my best to protect the planet (our home) for my children and their children and the future generations to come!"Pela Phone CaseYang experimented with new materials to try and find an alternative to plastic that could be used in everyday products. Compostable materials return to nature with the help of naturally occurring microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, algae) and biodegrade into CO2, water and biomass. They also break down in weeks or months.

Pela cases are tested to be free of BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalates. In addition to being certified Climate Neutral, Pela is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating to worthwhile causes that keep oceans and coastlines clean and healthy.

“Our mission is to make sustainable products the new normal, starting with a product that you hold every day,” says Justin, “Phone cases help to protect your investment, but they shouldn't be just another plastic product made with materials that could carry toxins into your home. If we can make products at a higher standard to keep our family and planet safe, shouldn't we?"