If you’re looking for plant-based cuisine, Vancouver provides plenty of vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants serving up tasty dishes from around the world

But the city isn’t just into healthy eating—Vancouverites are also eco-conscious. So what do you get when you combine mindful, plant-based dishes with a sustainable approach? The answer is Kind Cafe, Vancouver’s only zero-waste vegan restaurant.

Owned by father-daughter duo Samantha and Marvin Emerman, Kind Cafe’s ethos is to "create a kinder cafe experience within the Vancouver community, through plant-based nutrition, eco-friendly
 resources and supporting local suppliers."Kind Cafe owners“My father and I became vegan in 2014,” says Samantha, “We wanted to create a place that made us and our patrons feel good by reducing waste and suffering, and putting a large emphasis on the kindness of animals and the environment.”

Pay a visit to the bright, Instagram-worthy space, and you’ll find reusable cloths in place of napkins, no single-use plastics or cups and a BYOC (bring your own container) policy for takeout. The team also works with suppliers to ensure all products that come into the café are free from plastic.

“A lot of the design inspiration came from cafés and spaces in San Diego, California where my dad lives,” says Samantha, “We knew we wanted to create an open, airy, and earthy space. Overall, we just wanted guests to feel comfortable hanging out, working or studying, and we felt the natural and neutral tones helped support that."

The duo also wanted to offer a balance between healthy and indulgent food. The menu is packed with tasty, health-conscious dishes—from wraps and flatbreads to hearty bowls and salads. If it’s just a beverage you’re after, opt for one of their many colourful speciality lattes, featuring all the superfoods you love.Kind Cafe food“With the climate changing right before our eyes, it’s imperative for us to find a kinder approach to living and eating,” says Samantha, “Striving for a more plant-based and zero-waste lifestyle will not only benefit ourselves and our bodies, but also our entire planet!”