Going that extra mile to go green: Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim
Credit: creativecommons.org/Michael Francis McCarthy

The Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel is not just one of the trendiest hotels in Vancouver – it is also now known for Marc Henley, Vancouver's first ‘Bike Butler’. 

Henley provides hotel guests with everything they need for a cycling adventure. Being extremely knowledgeable about the Vancouver cycling scene, he hands out cycling maps and tips to the Fairmont’s guests.

With the Fairmont Pacific Rim providing complimentary BMW Cruise Bikes to its guests, it is also providing an environmentally-friendly way for visitors to see the great city of Vancouver. Instead of hailing a cab, renting a car or going about the city on mass transportation, guests can safely and cheaply pedal themselves around town. 

But the Fairmont Pacific isn't the only hotel out there that’s looking to limit its carbon footprint. More and more properties are now working to impress their ecologically-minded guests. Here are a few things to look out for when booking your eco-friendly getaway.

1. Environmental Amenities

The biggest sign of a hotel’s commitment to being environmentally conscious is the amenities that it offers. Things like low-flow showers and toilets, chemical-free cleaning products and a linen reuse program all go a long way in the long run.

2. Electricity Conservation

A sure sign that a hotel respects the planet is that it offers an electricity conservation program – or no electricity at all! These hotels still offer hot water, and they provide a great opportunity for visitors to experience the serenity of a candle-lit night by the ocean or in the wilderness. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, these hotels are also usually very cheap to stay in too.

3. Look For A Garden

There are few things better for the planet than locally-grown produce. Instead of eating at a restaurant where the produce has travelled thousands of miles, opt for a place where the produce travels just few steps instead.

4. Find The Recycle Symbol

Many hotels have made a commitment to recycling. It’s clear that if a hotel does not attempt to recycle, it does not want to be even the slightest bit environmentally friendly.

5. Environmentally Sound Transport

Not all hotels are like the Fairmont Pacific Rim and offer a Bike Butler to show you about town, but there are a lot of hotels out there that have turned to environmentally sound transport options to limit their carbon footprint. 

Some offer complimentary valet parking for hybrids, while others offer rickshaw tours about town. This is a sure sign that a hotel loves the city it’s in.