While we do our best to make more sustainable choices, sometimes these alternatives can come with unpleasant side effects

When it comes to household composting, this can mean undesirable odours, moisture, methane emissions and the dreaded fruit flies. But a Victoria-based company has come up with a solution for a healthier composting system that tackles these not-so-nice side effects.

BinBreeze is the world’s first provider of an all-natural and non-toxic composting powder, on a mission to enhance composting processes. The scientifically formulated composition and naturally derived ingredients are made up of minerals, fossilized algae and clean-fallen B.C. wood waste. The powder is created to be sprinkled on compost and in turn reduces odour, wetness and fruit flies, as well as diminishes methane gasses that are produced in the process. BinBreeze comes in three scents: unscented, lavender and sweet orange.binbreeze varietyA Dragon’s Den success story in 2020, BinBreeze is currently available in over 500 retailers across Canada and online. Along with enhancing everyday household composting, BinBreeze has recently moved to expand into the commercial space, improving composting on a larger scale.

“We envision a world where composting is easy for everyone and that the impact of food waste is reduced,” says Taylor McCarten, co-founder and CEO of BinBreeze. “Many people assume that composting alone is great for our planet; however, the anaerobic process contributes a lot of harmful gasses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

"Introducing BinBreeze’s compost powder to the commercial market will allow us to potentially reduce 30 percent of harmful greenhouse gas emissions produced in composting. Additional benefits include the elimination of odours and the natural dehydration and elimination of fruit flies. We know this expansion will help out businesses with the immense impact they face around composting bins in their operations while helping the environment.”BinBreze compostBinBreeze's commercial expansion is facilitated through a partnership with leading food sales agency International Pacific Sales, which will serve to bring four-kilogram compost powder packages to commercial buildings, restaurants, multi-level dwellings and more. The company is committed to improving composting across the board.

“While we’re seeing positive trends in organic waste diversion initiatives and reduction in food waste in the commercial and residential space, we can’t lose sight of the harm that food waste has on the environment,” says McCarten. “BinBreeze doesn’t contaminate compost, it enhances it. By introducing added carbon earlier in the food waste diversion process, before the food waste sits and becomes anaerobic, we reduce the emissions and make healthier compost while benefiting all types of composting facility providers.”

To learn more about BinBreeze’s journey towards healthier composting and to try some out for your home or business, visit binbreeze.ca.