Indigo aims to do its part for a sustainable future

If you’re a Canadian who loves books, toys, home decor, gadgets, socks and everything cozy, you're familiar with the retailer Indigo. Self-coined as the “world’s first cultural department store,” Indigo is making changes for the betterment of our planet, so you can feel comforted that your next shopping spree is a more sustainable one. The company has just announced that it has set a new commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035.

Indigo’s eco-journey maintains a focus on offering sustainable products with minimal environmental impact, while still providing customers with the necessities and luxuries that enhance their lifestyles. The retailer provides eco-friendly alternatives for home decor, kitchen essentials, cleaning products and more, with products that are environmentally friendly, organic and chemical-free, locally sourced and ethically made. Indigo has also implemented measures such as eliminating single-use plastic shopping bags in its stores, removing glitter from its products, and launching OUI Sleep, an exclusive line of 100 percent organic cotton bedding that is OEKO-TEX®-certified.

“As we plan for our future growth, we honour our responsibility to have a positive impact on the communities we serve, and our planet,” says Nathan Williams, Indigo’s chief creative officer.

Williams is also the executive sponsor of Write the Future The Indigo Sustainability Initiative, which kicked off last year. The initiative includes a full assessment of Indigo’s carbon footprint and its immediately implementable actions, and is now in the process of completing an assessment of emissions from its projects. Indigo aims to release its full net-zero baseline and annual targets in October 2021.

Indigo’s end-to-end sustainability efforts will focus on the following areas:

  1. Facilities and operations
  2. The company’s private branded product including OUI, NOTA, Love & Lore, The Littlest, Wonder Co. and Mini Maison
  3. Influencing national brand product suppliers

Indigo’s sustainability commitment comes in partnership with the Delphi Group, a firm specializing in corporate sustainability, climate changes, the green economy and clean tech innovation.

“Delphi has been proud to support Indigo’s sustainability efforts over the past year, as they have taken important steps towards embedding sustainability into their business model,” says Ted Ferguson, president, Delphi Group. “Our mission is to work with companies to transform the way they generate value, finding pathways to make their business and the world better. I believe that Indigo is well positioned with its sustainability pledge and we look forward to continuing our work with them.”

Along with Black Rock Oceanfront Resort and Aldo Group taking steps to preserve and protect the environment, it’s great to see these companies (especially Canadian companies!) working towards a more sustainable planet.