There are a lot of reasons to choose from the pool of ever-growing hybrid cars. The primary reason people choose hybrids is because they get excellent gas mileage in an age where gassing-up is a bank breaking affair. There’s also the added bonus of hybrids being an environmentally-sound option – they limit carbon emissions through the use of a mixture of gasoline and electricity, and they are usually made from eco-friendly materials. However, driving a hybrid does not mean you have to sacrifice the style and space that usually comes with a luxury vehicle. There are many models on the market that combine energy efficiency with luxury style.


Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, $115,100

The Panamera S is a four-door hybrid sedan that combines a V6 gasoline engine that works in conjunction with a 47 horsepower electric motor.  This sporty looking car combines the best of hybrid vehicles with all the Porsche's signature boxster style. This is a hybrid that truly surprises car owners with the beauty of its design.

Fisker Karma Plug-In Hybrid, $103,000

The Fisker Karma Plug-In Hybrid may have a hefty price tag but it makes up for this with its estimated 100-miles-to-a-gallon. This gasoline and electric combined cycle hybrid combines an electric motor that is given a boost by a gasoline generator. It is essentially an extended range electric vehicle that also has solar panels on the roof to aid to cut down electrical costs. The Fisker Karma hybrid combines the money saving and environmental benefits of a hybrid with the sleek design of a true luxury car. 

Audi A8 Hybrid, $89,900

The Audi A8 Hybrid combines the traditional style of Audi's flagship car model with the fuel efficiency of a hybrid. This new model combines a four cylinder engine and electric motor to get an estimate of 37 miles per gallon. However, this hybrid – unlike other electric models – can reach 62-miles-per-hour on highway travel with just the use of the electric motor alone.