Embrace sustainability this season with these high-quality, trendy pieces

This summer, reduce your carbon footprint by making thoughtful purchases from eco-friendly brands that care about the planet. These companies are not only on a mission to create less waste, but also to help preserve natural resources, focus on fair wages and safe working conditions for their employees—and even have creative packaging methods to cut down on plastic usage.

Remember that when it comes to sustainable fashion, less is more. The idea is to pick a few garments that can be layered and restyled versus buying an entire haul of ‘fast fashion’ items which you end up barely wearing.

Here are our top picks for summer...

1. Mylie Two Piece by ReformationMylie Two Piece by Reformation

Reformation is one of the most popular sustainable names out there—and for good reason. Not only does the brand stay on top of all the latest trends, but it is extremely transparent about its ethical practices and goals. For example, the Los Angeles-based 100 percent carbon-neutral brand recycles around 75 percent of its garbage, invests in projects to boost natural resources and support clean energy, and is a signatory of the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action with the vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The clothing is worth every penny, including this summer-ready two piece that can be dressed up or down, and paired with other tops and bottoms as well.
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2. Carly Jumpsuit by Mara Hoffman

Carly Jumpsuit by Mara HoffmanThis jumpsuit is extremely flattering—from the print to the colour, as well as the way it seamlessly flows over the body. Not to mention, it is made from 100 percent linen, which uses less water and energy during production (versus materials such as cotton and polyester); is grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides; and it also keeps the body cooler. New York designer Mara Hoffman founded her brand in 2000, and shifted towards sustainable practices in 2015 with the aim to design and manufacture clothes with greater care. The company has also partnered with several eco-forward organizations such as Earth Matter (a non-profit that improves organic waste processing), Fabscrap (a non-profit that helps divert textile waste from landfills), and Responsible Packaging Movement (a collective of brands working to reduce plastic in packaging).
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3. Organic Cotton Terry Tank by Eileen FisherOrganic Cotton Terry Tank by Eileen Fisher

A simple, organic cotton tank is a must-have for summer because it can be paired with just about anything—and of course Eileen Fisher’s signature item tops the list. It’s lightweight, comfortable on the skin, and perfect for days at the office, a stroll around the city, or happy hour at your nearest patio. This tank is available in white, black, olive and lavender, which is my pick because it happens to be one of the hottest shades of the season. This brand has been a leader in sustainable fashion for years and one of my favourite things is that once you’re done wearing your clothing, you can send your garments back—no matter the condition—and they can be resold or recycled into something else.
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4. Convertible Wrap Midi Skirt by Vetta

Convertible Wrap Midi Skirt by VettaTo limit the amount of waste they produce, Vetta creates mini capsule collections each season featuring five select pieces that can be mix and matched and worn different ways. One of my favourites is this adjustable two-in-one wrap skirt in coffee. It’s absolutely perfect if you are going away on vacation, or if you want to wear a long skirt to the office during the day and then switch to a mini skirt for the evening. What I also love is that it is made of Tencel, a natural wood fibre that is sustainably harvested, requires less water during production, and is biodegradable.
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5. The Coastal Midi Dress by PactThe Coastal Midi Dress by Pact

Brighten things up this summer with Pact’s organic cotton dress in pink. Wear it with sandals to your next garden party, or throw on a pair of strappy heels and some bling for a fancier night out. This brand has the mission of building Earth’s favourite clothing company and boasts a number of eco-friendly practices, such as using biodegradable plastic and 100 percent post-consumer recycled paperboard for packaging, using natural farming techniques, as well as listing the environmental and social footprint of each item on its website. For example, 49 gallons of water was saved during the production of this dress at a fair trade factory in India.
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6. Srey Handwoven Jacket by TonléSrey Handwoven Jacket by Tonlé

From jeans to shorts and even dresses, this gorgeous handwoven jacket can be worn with a number of items and looks absolutely stunning on. Like all of Tonlé’s clothing, the custom textiles on this piece have been made using upcycled fabric scraps to cut down on waste that ends up in landfills. The brand has partnered with Weaves of Cambodia where the workers earn fair wages and work in a safe community-oriented environment. Plus, all of the clothing comes packaged in 100 percent recycled materials to further minimize waste.
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