The world is very rapidly changing in many ways, and one of the hottest debates going on right now is exactly what is causing these rapid changes. All over the world communities are experiencing hotter temperatures, more severe storms, shifting wildlife and changing vegetation. Some would have people believe that this is just the natural way that the world changes over the years. However, because of the rapid nature of change, this could be far more than a simple evolution. Global warming and drought are affecting many different locations all over the world, and even though you don’t think it’s hit too close to home, it would be wise to think again.

Cracked Stone

From floods to drought, global warming is causing the degradation of the world’s natural ecosystem. Some would argue that the term “global warming” is not adequate because too many people believe that this simply means the earth is getting hotter. However, if you really look at the facts regarding global warming and drought you will find that the changing climate has more to do with some areas heating, but other areas experiencing different kinds of changes. For instance, drought is something that is becoming even more widespread because of changes elsewhere. When the weather shifts, certain areas will be less likely to receive the rainfall they depend on every month. This can have devastating effects on small farming communities.

Global warming and drought are causing many farming communities to close up shop and move on. This is due to the fact that because of new droughts, they are unable to have a successful harvest every year. If they can’t have a successful harvest, they won’t be able to pay their bills or taxes which means they won’t be able to make a living doing what they have always done. This is just one way that global warming and drought is starting to hit a little closer to home.

When communities are becoming poorer, there are more families that find themselves living on the street. Global warming and drought also decreases the amount of drinking water available for larger cities out in already dry areas. When this happens, the overall cost of living goes up because so many people find themselves paying more for certain amenities like water. When they have to pay more for something that they never had to pay for before, that leaves less money overall which means many people are foreclosing on properties and just picking up and leaving town. This trend has turned many small communities into ghost towns because they have only retained a small fraction of their original population. Global warming and drought are having profound effects on people and they both need to be looked at closely to determine if anything can be done to reverse the effects they’ve had already.

People can continue denying the fact that global warming and drought exists, but when their communities start to get affected, they might change their minds. Often, it takes local action on a widespread level to start to see the changes that are needed in order to reverse the overall trends that the earth is experiencing right now. When that happens, people start to live their lives in a much more aware way so that the earth can stop being damaged and start being healed. Whether or not you are a believer in global warming and drought doesn’t make that much of a difference right now. What matters is looking around and realizing something is wrong and needs to be fixed. That is one of the most important facts to remember through this all.