For this stunning, lush resort in the Maldives, luxury and sustainability are interconnected

Soneva Fushi—located on a coral atoll on Kunfunadhoo Island and surrounded by lush jungle—is part of the popular Soneva chain of sustainable resorts.Soneva Fushi relaxingSoneva Fushi offers a variety of gorgeous villas, steps from the beach, nestled in the tropical jungle or directly over the water. Inside, all the interior furnishings and decor utilize sustainable materials, like locally grown and recycled wood, tree branches from the islands, as well as roots and driftwood. Waste metals, glass and some plastics are recycled and used for other purposes.

Soneva Fushi suiteChic, whitewashed mirrors found throughout the hallways are made with recycled wood blocks, while colourful coffee tables utilize plantation teak for the tabletops and rustic island tree trunks for the bases. Artful, vine-like chandeliers provide light to the space, carefully crafted by carpenters to be free form and versatile.

In a number of the bedrooms, you’ll find chic four-poster beds, made using sturdy coconut wood. Since coconut trees grow in abundance in tropical countries, it’s the perfect sustainable wood choice.Soneva Fushi bedroom

Each year, Soneva Fushi achieves several impressive sustainable milestones. Not only has the resort been 100 percent carbon neutral since 2012, they have also produced their own water since 2008. Soneva banned imported bottled water in 2008 and filters, mineralizes, alkalizes and bottles its water on-site. They also averted the production of 1,500,000 plastic bottles in the last 10 years by using reusable glass bottles.