Towering above the gorgeous city of Milan, Bosco Vertical—or Vertical Forest—is a lush residential building covered in trees, shrubs and vegetation

Bosco Vertical was completed in 2014 by Stefano Boeri Architects, and is considered one of Milan's most recognizable landscapes.

With a ratio of two trees, eight shrubs and 40 bushes per occupant, the building is championed as a “tower for trees, occupied by humans”—and it’s easy to see why. The team at Stefano Boeri envisioned the design behind the concept: “a home for trees that also houses humans and birds."

The vegetation covering the exterior is more than a design choice. According to the World Green Building Council, the greenery acts as a buffer between the city and the apartments by absorbing "polluting particles, noise and sequestering carbon," while also producing oxygen and improving air quality.Vertical Forest MilanThe structure also promotes biodiversity, featuring around 100 different plant species on its green facade by providing a vertical urban oasis for birds and wildlife.

Another unique feature? Unlike many common “mineral” facades in stone or glass, the plant-based shield does not reflect or magnify the sun’s rays but filters them, creating an internal microclimate without harmful effects on the environment.

Balconies extending out from the building and set against porcelain stoneware mimic the typical brown colour of bark, while the white stone helps the vegetation stand out even more.