For the design of this plant-covered, wedge-shaped residential home in Belgium, the design team at OYO architects created an artistic space that epitomizes “cool in summer, warm in winter”

The focus for this project was the ecological and compact element of the space, and the home features split floors and an iconic lifted green roof that acts as ‘a continuation of the soil’. Two elevated structures create definition on the green surface, and as the OYO team outlines, one defines the entrance, while the other brings light into the dining room.House Pibo Interior solar panels installed on top of the mounted structures from the entrance and dining area cater to the energy demands of the residents and contribute to their sustainable ambitions.

Positioning the bedrooms half a floor below not only keeps them cool in summer, but also connects all the living spaces visually by the split-level floors that are created. Bedrooms are on the lower floor, set slightly below the level of the adjacent road, while split-level floors above contain living areas that make the most of the natural light and views.

Wood and warm materials were utilized to create a Scandinavian interior, while the balance of light with more contemporary elements like stone, wood and white surfaces tie every detail together.House Pibo kitchen